Sherry turned to Christian HELP in desperate need of a job.

She was running out of money, and her last job ended because of the COVID crisis.

Sherry had a wide variety of skills and ideas for her future but was struggling to find work. We connected her with Kim, one of our care managers, who walked her through an assessment of those skills and what she wanted to do.

"Sherry had a lot of diverse experience and a willingness to learn. She was planning to take additional classes to open up new career options."

Once they had finished the assessment, Kim showed Sherry how to adjust her resume to the various jobs she was interested in. It was a long process to find a position that would work for her.

Kim also suggested that Sherry attend one of our Central Florida Employment Council job fairs. Armed with that updated resume, she met with some companies ready to hire.

She got multiple jobs offers that day!

"I am so excited. I found a job that is a perfect fit for my school schedule and has a growth opportunity. I am so grateful to Christian HELP for getting me back on track. It has been a tough year but you stood with me all the way to a new job."

No two of our job-seeking candidates come to us with the same needs. What they all do have in common is God is always on their side and your generosity. Sherry is working again because of you.

Thank you for your support. Let's keep the momentum going!
With God's grace and providence, there are three things that drive Christian HELP.

Your generosity, our small staff, and an amazing team of hard-working volunteers. These dedicated folks are the hands and feet of Jesus at our front desk, counseling our job-seeking clients, and in the bustling food pantry.

We thought you'd like a quick behind-the-scenes look at how your support blesses our clients, staff, and volunteers...from the volunteer's perspective. Please watch the clip below.
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"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
- Matthew 6:21

Dick Wilson and his wife Madge founded Christian HELP.
They established the mission of preventing homelessness that is still fulfilled today through jobs, food, resources, and hope.
Dick's life was a blessing to the local community. He was passionate about helping others. So before Dick passed away in 2019, he extended his passion by leaving Christian HELP
a legacy gift. He knew the only way the work gets done is through the generosity of many and the favor of the Lord.
Are you doing some estate planning this year? Would you like to help ensure the work of the ministry continues? You can. By leaving a legacy gift to Christian HELP.
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For more information about how you can have a lasting impact on your community, email our Director of Development and Communications, Doug Prusak.