Spring Has Sprung!

Our greenhouses are bursting with color!
Hundreds Of Hanging Baskets
$2.00 OFF Coupon

Need a pop of color for your patio or a table top center piece for a garden party? 

Our greenhouses have hundreds to choose from and colors that will take your breath away.

Coupon expires:  Friday, April 16.
Take Time to Smell
The Roses!  
Variety: Coretta Scott King
But don't wait too long! Our David Austin and Week's roses have arrived, and they are going quick. 

Choose from an abundant selection of floribundas, grandifloras, hybrid teas, and carpet roses at both store locations.

Our rose experts are here to assist and
provide Care Tips.  
KFOR-TV Landscape And
Garden Photo Contest 
Photo Contest  begins April 15. 
Do you have a green thumb and enjoy photographing your garden too? 

Enter our sixth annual landscaping garden photo contest Friday, April 15 - Sunday, June 5, 2016.

Only Oklahoma residents may participate. Contest details posted soon on our website.
Rescheduled Dates For
Raised Bed Gardening
Lady Bug Natural Brand

Trevor and Kate, with Lady Bug Natural Brand, have rescheduled their classes for both store locations. 

Watch them demonstrate how easy it is to put together your raised bed garden from pallets. 

Learn how to grow in and maintain raised beds adding compost, fertilizer, and plants. 

When we get closer to the event date, presentation times for both locations, will be posted on fb and our website.

Goldsby Store Class: April 30
OKC Store Class: May 1
Tomato Tips For
Our Gardeners

Super Sweet 100 Cherry
It's just about time to plant your tomatoes so they will be ready for those fresh summer salads!

We have Great Selections to choose from, and more varieties are arriving daily.   

Best to plant the end of April or first of May.
April Maintenance Guidelines
After years of working in the industry and building a nursery business around Oklahoma's inclement weather, we are suggesting the following maintenance guidelines:

* In mid-April, after danger of frost, plant bedding plants, vegetables, herbs, summer flowering bulbs, and annual seeds.

* Add Marcum's Redbud Compost to revitalize your soil nutrients while planting new plants. 

* Apply ferti-lome's Systemic Fungicide to prevent mildew and leaf spot diseases for roses, photinias, etc. 

* Prune roses just before growth starts and use ferti-lome Rose and Flower Food with Systemic Insecticide as the foliage appears. Use the ferti-lome insecticide every six weeks. 

* Spray bermuda, fescue and zoysia with ferti-lome Weed Free Zone Plus Lawn Fertilizer when temps are still cool and under 85 degrees. 

We're Here For You
"Just add the sun!"
Oklahoma City Store
2121 Southwest 119th  
OKC, OK 73170
(405) 691-9100

Goldsby Store
169 N Main Ave
Goldsby, OK 73093
(405) 288-2368

New Spring Hours:

Oklahoma City Store:
Monday - Saturday 
8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sun. 1 p.m. - 5 p.m

Goldsby Store:
Monday - Saturday 
8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Sun. 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Featured Tree  
They're still blooming! Drive anywhere in Oklahoma and see this gorgeous color canvassing our Oklahoma landscapes. One of the most desirable varieties of the Redbud, its pink and wine-red flowers bloom in March and continue through April.
Featured Shrub
Known to be low maintenance once established, this evergreen shrub comes in a variety of colors ranging from white, red, yellow, coral, and pink. Its showy blooms appear all summer long. Prefers partial to full sun.  
Featured Annual
The new Great Balls of Fire ivy geraniums come in a variety of show stopping colors. Its mounding and trailing habit makes beautiful plants for beds and containers.
Featured Annual
Enjoy this perennial ground cover year after year. It takes the Oklahoma heat with ease. Its pale pink flowers appear in the spring and throughout the summer months. Grows in shady spots including under trees.


Chump's Chatter

It's a great time to plant your shrubs and trees. Trying to figure out the watering needs for your new shrubs and trees can be tricky at times. 

One thing is certain. Water newly planted plants, trees, and shrubs at the time of planting, and then adjust all watering needs according to the plant and tree's specific variety. Your soil conditions and our Oklahoma weather also play a part in your shrub and tree's watering requirements.


Marcum's Nursery recommends purchasing a _____ especially for newly planted trees to ensure a good first soaking.   


Dahlia's Answer: Treegator  

Dahlia's Dirt!
Too Much Water or Not Enough? What are Marcum's Nursery Watering Guidelines?
There are no exact rules for watering trees and shrubs, but it's crucial to be familiar with your plant or tree's variety when it comes to its watering needs. Different plants, shrubs, and trees have different moisture requirements. 

Newly planted trees and shrubs will need to be watched for watering as needed on a daily basis.

Learn more about our Watering Guidelines including how NOT to underwater and over water your plants, shrubs, and trees.  

Want the "dirt" on a particular topic? Send your suggestions to dahliasdirt@marcumsnursery.com
Swing Into Spring With Shredded Pork
Lettuce Wraps!      
          authentic mexican barbacoa, carnitas and chicken tacos
Surprise your family's taste buds with something new this spring. Prepare the traditional pork roast and give it a new twist, using the juice of oranges and limes.  Nothing says spring better than colorful citrus.

Garnish with fresh  cilantro, jalapeƱo, and avocado. You're sure to get a thumbs up.