A Note from Scott and Marsha
May 13, 2021
We hope you are having a wonderful week. This weather, though! Last week, I was sweating and it was so hot and even a bit humid. And of course, our A/C unit was not working. Isn't that really how it always goes?! And this week, I need my sweatshirts again after packing them away. Thank you for the extended spring temperatures, Lord! I won't complain.  

Last week really was just one sitcom episode after another here. I don't know why we aren't chosen for a reality show. We can always count on human nature to make really great TV and YouTube videos.  

One of the episodes from last week was awesome. The picture of these guys are the main actors and my favorites. Who am I kidding ... everyone at FGS is my favorite. But this week, these three are special favorites.  

Anyway, these men, Preston, Kaylon and Tyler, serve our clients in our Lawn Maintenance division. Every day, they are making everyone's properties beautiful and freshly cut on a weekly basis. They endure all the temperature changes thrown at them, too, and they never complain. Me? As you know, I complain.  

One day last week, the crews were meeting for lunch at a local restaurant. My favorite part of the story is they all piled in one truck to eat and enjoy each other, thus leaving the other truck empty, but in plain view.  I like those kinds of lunch parties, and I don't know why I didn't get invited. (Insert my eye roll here.)

As they were eating, they watched this car come through the parking lot and very slowly drive by the empty truck. They immediately picked up on it and thought, "Hhhmmmmm...."  Ten minutes later, the same car comes back and stops next to the truck. The driver jumps out and starts stealing equipment.  

"Hello. We are right here in a matching truck watching you!"   Clearly, this thief wasn't very observant beyond what he wanted to steal.  

All I know is Preston, Kaylon and Tyler jumped out of the truck and ran yelling at him, to which he dropped the equipment and tried to downplay his intentions. Even better? He had covered his license plate with paper. Class. Act.  

I wish I could have been there. They are like little heroes this week. I had a proud mama bear moment when Scott shared it with me, and I wanted to hug them all.  

But let this be your PSA: It doesn't matter who is taking care of your lawn. Leave them treats. Cookies. Protein bars. Water bottles or PowerAde. Give them a tip or even a gift card. In fact, you can do this for any service business right now. There are people who have NEVER stopped once during the last year. Essential workers, service business, restaurants, etc. If you haven't shown anyone extra kindness in the last month, now is the time. I'm sort of ranting, I know.  

And if you see people driving slow through your neighborhoods checking out the equipment of your lawn maintenance providers, take down the tag. Equipment isn't cheap. We all appreciate your help. Thieves suck.  There, I said it.  

Now, off you go doing a random act of kindness. When you're done, bring your kind-hearted self to the garden center and pick out something beautiful to brighten your day, too. Because you are worth it.  
Friday, May 21, 2021

Garden Center 5PM -8PM Potting Shed 5PM-9PM

We'll also have 3 Jay's food truck here with amazing sandwich fare! It will be a night full of plants, cold drinks, Sunset Slush, yummy food, and fingers crossed for amazing weather!
Hosta have gorgeous foliage that vary in size and color. Some varieties are variegated with green and yellow or green and white, and some have leaves that are nearly blue in color. While Hosta are usually valued most for foliage, they do bloom sweet white or purple flowers.
If you enjoy fragrant, cut flowers right from your garden, consider planting this late spring bloomer, 'Miss Kim' Lilac. Although it does not grow very fast, this lovely deciduous shrub can grow up to 8 feet tall! In addition to showy blooms in spring, you will also enjoy beautiful fall color. Plant in full or part sun.
Silver Satin Pothos--Scindapsus--lives up to its name. The silvery leaves practically shimmer and will hang or climb beautifully. Like most Pothos plants, it is very easy to care for and does well in medium to bright light locations. Allow the soil to dry out between watering.
Potting Shed & Food Truck Schedule
The Potting Shed
Friday 12-4:30p
Saturday 12-4:30p
Sunday 12-4:30p
If we have inclement weather, we will close The Potting Shed, so make sure to follow our social media (Instagram or Facebook) for updates!

Food Trucks
Saturday, May 15 – 11am-3pm
While our World Famous Beatle Burgers are our most popular items – we have a lot of other scrumptious food to choose from. Take a look – better yet – come taste for yourself!

Sunday, May 16 – 11am-3pm
Mr. Cheesesteak offers the best authentic cheesesteaks, wings, and fries in the Research Triangle Park area.

Meet Ann Milam!
Role: Annual/Perennial Sales Department Lead
Started at FGS: September 2016
Ice Cream: Vanilla with Espresso on top
Movie: Love, Actually
Plant: Russian Sage and Agastache
Last Book Read: The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier and More Creative
Food: Chicken Saag with Raita on the side

Ann has been with us nearly five years and we can't imagine what we would do without her! She is the resident expert on perennials, especially. And she usually has an amazing story to tell about each one. Ann works tirelessly to make sure our tables are overflowing with all your favorite annuals and perennials for spring, summer, fall and winter! She has an infectious laugh and unstoppable energy. If you can't tell, we think she is pretty awesome.
Happy, Healthy Houseplants- Level 1
Saturday, May 22, 10AM-11AM
Join us for an informative session on everything houseplants. We will cover how to choose the right plants for your home and how to care for them so they stay happy and healthy. You will learn about air-purifying plants and pet-friendly plants! Every houseplant needs a home and every home needs houseplants! Cost is only $15 and includes a spray bottle and microfiber cloth. Register today!
Fee is $15.00
Registration without payment will be disregarded.
Presenter: Debbi Barrett, FGS Plant Coach
Propagation Station 101
Is your plant dying and you want to save it? Do you want to multiply your plants without spending money on new ones? Do you love watching plants thrive under your care? Then learning how to propagate your plants is just what you need! This class will cover the basics of propagating different types of plants from existing plant material that you already own! We will cover several methods of propagating in different mediums using different parts of the plant. Cuttings will be provided to show examples of different methods. Come learn the basics of multiplying your plants at the PROPAGATION STATION.
Fee is $15.00 (includes class and clippings)
Registration without payment will be disregarded.
Presenter: Joey Pierce, FGS Plant Coach
Plant Tip of the Week:
Fertilize Your Annuals
Not sure what all needs to be done in the lawn and garden this month? We put together the to do list for you. This blog post shares all you need to do to keep your lawn and garden happy in May!
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