Experience a Black icon's life on the big screen
This week HERO is in 5 venues across London and in Edinburgh!
----- ----- LONDON, OCTOBER 16
---------- Stratford East Picturehouse at 8:30pm
---------- Hosted by Black History Studies
---------- LONDON, OCTOBER 17
----------Genesis Cinema at 8:30pm
----------Hosted by Black History Studies
---------- EDINBURGH, OCTOBER 18
---------- Cameo Picturehouse at 6:30pm
---------- Hosted by Women of Colour Scotland
---------- LONDON, OCTOBER 18
---------- Picturehouse Central at 6:30pm
---------- Hosted by Black History Walks
---------- LONDON, OCTOBER 19
---------- Hackney Picturehouse at 6pm
----------Hosted by Caramel Film Club
----- ----- LONDON, OCTOBER 20
---------- West Norwood Picturehouse 4:30pm
---------- Hosted by Fairweather Productions
Our UK Nationwide Tour is a Huge Success!
UK Tour In Pictures
Launch: October 3rd
Hosted by Pempeople
Peckhamplex Cinema in London was packed!
Peckhamplex Launch Event
Our Partners are Family. Director Frances-Anne with Host Nicholas Okwulu of Pempeople at the launch of our UK Nationwide Tour.
OCT 8: SOLD OUT Our screening in Sheffield, hosted by amazing Dr. Lindy Blaize and her team at Sheffield-Hallam University .
OCT 7: Another engaged audience and emotional screening and Q&A with lead actor Nickolai Salcedo, moderated by host Karen Gabay in Manchester Oct 7th.
OCT 9: Lead actor Nickolai Salcedo, director Frances-Anne Solomon, host Richard Smith Sr. and theatregoers after an amzing screening at historic Hyde Park Cinema in Leeds.
Meet Some of Our Amazing Hosts
Bringing Mr. Ulric Cross' journey to audiences around the country

The aim of the archive is to research, collect and preserve Black history, heritage and culture in Nottingham, from the earliest time to the present day. The collection holds some of the earliest documents relating to the formation of Black community organisations in Nottingham, as well as, a growing archive of oral histories, including many from the first generation of Africans and Caribbean’s to reside in Nottingham.

WOCS came about to empower women of African and Caribbean heritage living in Scotland. The group is represented by Celeste Blaize-Gibson (Financial, Property Management); Charmaine Blaize-La Caille (Health, IT/ Academia); Agnes Holmes (Social Justice) and Helene Rodger (Cultural, Financial).
London, Picturehouse Central

Black History Walks offers guided walking tours of London to which include its 2000 years of African history. The walks take place in 12 different areas. They run black history films, talks and workshops each month all year long.

See website www.blackhistorywalks.co.uk for details.
HERO in the NEWS
Hero is a remarkable film about a virtuous man

There is a devil in our heads, or mine at least, always roused to action by consciousness-raising films. "Preaching to us, are you?" the devil says with icy scorn, before unwinding the cynicism fire hoses and turning the faucets. There is...

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This riveting docudrama is like watching an ethnic...

Joyce Glasser reviews Hero - Inspired by the Extraordinary Life & Times of Mr. Ulric Cross (October 4, 2019), Cert. 12A, 111 min. Imagine Forrest Gump as a Trinidadian member of Mensa; and then image a film that is not a sequel to Paramount's...

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Hero review: an engrossing portrait of Trinidadian...

Trinidadian lawyer and war hero Ulric Cross is not a name known to the public, but this engrossing biographical drama-documentary shows how his life and times joined the dots between WWII valour and the tricky post-colonial transition for several ...

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Ulric Cross: shining a light on a man of many talents

WAR hero. A black man working as a senior BBC producer in the 1940s. A lawyer, diplomat, fighter for freedom and senior judge: the life of Ulric Cross contains so many different paths and careers, and so many achievements, it seems extraordinary...

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“Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”

A USC study recently found that 82% of top film reviewers are white men, with 2.8% being women of color.

What chance do we have of getting our films promoted widely when the vast majority of those who judge our work do not have the skills, experience or understanding of our audiences to critique their value. It's important that we become active reviewers and tell the world clearly in writing what kinds of films we want to see.

Until we do so, stereotypical images that feature our community exclusively as criminals and slaves, gang members and drug dealers will abound, while more complex nuanced portrayals wll be sidelined. Let's tell them what kinds of stories we want to see -- 3 dimensional characters who are the heroes of their own destinies.

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Are you a local event organiser? Would you like to host a screening of HERO in your area?

HERO wants to connect with community influencers with wide audience reach to lead and support screenings across the country during Black History Month, and throughout November 2019 across the UK.

From Feb 2020, HERO will begin its Tour of the US, the Caribbean and Africa!

Please contact herofilm2012@gmail.com for more information about hosting a screening of HERO.
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Accessories by Nicola Jane-Reid @thecrazycoolsexy | Photography by Dahlia Fernandes @dahliamusicnow | Models: Nicola Jane-Reid & Nickolai Salcedo @nickolai.salcedo