ISO 9001:2015 Certification
ALG is certified to the International Management System ISO 9001:2015. This new certification reflects our commitment to quality across all aspects of manufacturing and service.

While ALG had been previously certified under the 9001:2008 standard, this new 2015 edition focuses on ensuring production of high quality products and services by organizing a Quality Management System (QMS), evaluating risks and developing repeatable solutions to business and production challenges.

Our new ISO 9001:2015 certification will help ALG continue to provide quality products and superior service to our customers.

What ISO 9001:2015 Means to You, Our Customers
Our Certificate of Registration
Aluminum Nameplates
Long-term Durable Products
Aluminum Nameplates are a great choice for long-term performance in harsh and abrasive environments. ALG produces small and medium quantity runs of aluminum products for many of our OEM customers.

Starting with .020 mil aluminum, available in silver or white, these products can be screen printed or UV Inkjet printed.

Screen printed products deliver the benefits of heavy ink deposits for vivid colors and added durability, while digitally produced UV Inkjet products are perfect for short run volumes.

ALG's finishing options allow for further customization of aluminum nameplates. These range from laminations to various digital cutting and stamping options.

With endless options for shapes, full color logos and with approved UL print systems, Aluminum Nameplates are a product that provides options for those needing superior durability performance.

UL Approved Aluminum Nameplates
ALG UL Print Systems
Need Aluminum Nameplates with UL approval? Our ALG 3 is a UL approved print system for aluminum nameplates.

Approved for indoor and outdoor use with a temperature range of -40 C to 100 C, this UL approved product provides long-term durability and life through the use of our print systems and across several substrates, including aluminum.

To see the complete ALG3 guide information, please go HERE.
Aluminum Nameplates have many applications such as:

  • Brand Logos
  • Safety and Warning
  • Informational, Instructional Messaging
  • Model and data plates
  • UL Approved
Safety & Warning
Model Number Plate
Brand Logo
Printing Capabilities
Screen Printed and UV Inkjet
ALG produces Aluminum Nameplates using two printing processes:

  • Screen Printing: provides vibrant colors with heavy ink deposits, delivering very durable printing for long term use.

  • UV Inkjet: small run volumes with little to no set-ups.

In the video below, you can see the screen printing process, where the operator floods the screen, laying a heavy deposit of ink on the aluminum material. The ink is then cured while passing under a UV dryer on the conveyor line. With the printing process complete, the next step is finishing where the material is cut down to the required size and any other finishing options are added.
Finishing Capabilities
Many Options for Aluminum Nameplates
There are many options to enhance aluminum nameplates. Here are some of the most common options to consider:

  • Lamination
  • Hole Punching
  • Round Corners
  • Stamping
  • Routing
Special Shapes and Critical Tolerances
ALG's Digital Solutions provide opportunities for customization of Aluminum Nameplates. From unusual shapes and sizes, ALG's digital routing options provide consistent, smooth-edged cuts, ideal for tight tolerances and rigid materials such as aluminum.

ALG's digital capabilities also allow for consistent registration in routing holes used for attaching nameplates to equipment or machinery. Learn More
Hydraulic Stamping
Long run, Custom Shapes
Another option for producing custom shapes is die cutting with a Hydraulic Stamper. This equipment uses a custom die to produce long run aluminum nameplates. Due to the hydraulic force of the stamper, cuts are burr-free and can be produced quickly.

New Back Slitting Equipment
How this simple finishing process can save application time
So what is back slitting? It is a simple finishing process that can make a BIG difference in the application of your label or decal.

On our production floor, we back slit thousands of parts each day. This finishing process provides a cut through the back layer of material providing a "slit" that separates the label or decal from the liner or backing.

A back slit product speeds up the application process by:
  • providing quick release of the liner: No fumbling or struggling trying to find an edge of the decal or label to remove the backing.
  • faster positioning of decal: By removing one corner or edge of decal so that it can be "tacked" in place, ensuring the correct application location and placement.

ALG just recently purchased a fully automatic Back Slitter to produce quality products with a faster turnaround for our customers while providing different depths of cut, placements and number.

This new equipment will provide the following value to our customers:

  • Streamlines the feeding process by automating it
  • Handles longer sheets more effectively
  • Provides opportunity to batch count product if requested
  • Helps maintain run rates (no throughput drop off due to employee fatigue from constantly manually feeding a unit)
  • Increase capacity

High Speed Back Slitter in operation
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