Of all USAID’s activities, our work in Global Health can produce the most visible transformations. Infants thrive. Expectant moms survive labor. Trained health workers become lifesavers. Health systems modernize. Innovation jumpstarts solutions. This month, we join in celebrating important milestones from immunizations to malaria, and all that comes with good health.
News & Events
Yemen , Venezuelans and the Democratic Republic of Congo will receive additional humanitarian aid. The Administration announced leadership appointments to advance our work on malaria and education . And Administrator Green joined the Summit of the Americas.
Digital Feature
Their journeys to self-reliance began decades ago. Check out our interactive map and photos to learn how USAID helped four countries succeed. Our work today aligns with the same goal: ending the need for foreign assistance.

Collaborating with USAID
Our Trade and Investment Hubs have boosted opportunities to do business with Africa—a win for U.S. and African companies. We’re touring the U.S. in partnership with the Africa Investment Rising Roadshow to forge new connections.
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