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Our January Newsletter
We both wish you continuing good health and happiness in the twelve months ahead. While atypical, 2021 was an excellent year for us as we continued to expand our internet activities and strategies. Our long-term relationships with dealers in England and at home, coupled with the loyalty of existing customers and new relationships with scores of new ones around the globe, kept us extremely busy all year. Thanks to all who have sustained us with your purchases and with your interest in us as dealers and as people.

December’s gift sale exceeded our greatest expectations, as nearly eighty percent of the nearly one hundred reasonably priced, gift-appropriate pieces were purchased. The sale drew others to the website as well, many of whom bought pieces not listed in the sale. Because our little sale appears to have made a lot of customers happy, we’ve already begun buying pieces for a reprise next December.

This month, encouraged by the success of the December event, we’ve assembled a small selection of treenware pieces which we're offering at special prices. You’ll find a link to them below, as well as information about the New York Antiques Show this month and coming events during the next six months. Pippin's Page, and The Back Page, featuring our New Year's Eve dinner, will complete this first issue of 2022.
A Feast of Treenware
We’ve recently had the opportunity to purchase several dozen pieces from a large Western Massachusetts collection of turned wooden objects, and this month we’re offering more than two dozen of them at special prices. Borrowing the format of our December event, we’ve photographed them in small groupings of similar type, encouraging buyers to select their favorites from the group, or perhaps begin a small collection. We invite you to browse these excellent turned objects by clicking the picture above.
At month’s end we’ll be once again among the exhibitors in Marvin Getman’s virtual New York Antiques Show. This second edition of the three-day show, opening on Friday, January 28, will be similar to last year’s premiere event, which was well received by dealers, buyers, and the press. Admission to the show is free to all, and we recommend that you click on the show logo to sign up for email reminders from Marvin and a clickable link to the show when it opens.
Our Spring Opening and more
At this writing, the container ship which will bring our next shipment to the United States is sailing towards Southampton, England, where our new stock will be loaded for the trip to New York. Once it arrives, it will be transported by truck to Conway, where we’ll begin getting everything ready for our Spring Opening on May 7 & 8.

Before then, however, two additional events deserve mention. In February's we're planning surprise event; look for details in next month's newsletter. In March we'll exhibit at the Spring Fox Valley Show, online on March 19 and 20. We plan to be away during late March and early April, but our original flight to Heathrow has already been canceled. Fingers crossed!
Pippin's Page
On New Year's Eve Pippin stayed in the tavern with us throughout our annual festive dinner, alternating vigilance and sleep. We caught him in a moment between the two.
Click his picture for a look.
The Back Page
Our New Year's Eve Dinner
Those who follow us through this newsletter are probably aware that each New Year’s Eve Jan and I prepare a multi course dinner, one course at a time, just prior to sitting down to enjoy it. Pippin is the only other participant and, since he’s never had much taste for people food, he prefers to enjoy the fire and the music from a spot in the tavern that he has chosen for the evening. As usual, we’ve taken a few pictures of the dinner, which you can see by clicking the picture above.
And thank you for another great year.
Stay safe and be well during the next.
John & Jan