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Our January 2021 Newsletter
Happy New Year!


But, let's not dwell on the evils of 2020. Now that it's behind us, we'd prefer to focus on some of the best things this worst of years has taught us. First, and foremost, we've affirmed that spending 24 hours together seven days a week works for us, as much when it's forced on us as it had always been before our lives became dominated by Covid. But, now we think about many things in a slightly different way.

For example, the restrictions imposed on us by the pandemic have forced us to rethink how - and when - we do business. For years, we based our annual rhythms on our buying trips to England and the exciting openings in our shop that occurred on the heels of our travels. In between those events, we periodically loaded up our van to travel to a show in a more or less distant place, to set up a booth, and then to hope for the best. While the pandemic has brought all of that to a halt, it has also encouraged us to think about alternatives and to make some fundamental changes in the way we do things.

Not surprisingly, the internet has provided the answer for us, as it has for many in our field and in others. When the 2020 installments of both our spring and fall shows needed to be cancelled, we moved the shows to our website, and found that our sales totals approached the figures we've come to expect in our live shows in our shop. When our two live off-campus shows, Rhinebeck and Wilmington, were cancelled, we decided to accept an invitation to participate in The Fox Valley Show, based in suburban Chicago, in its first virtual collaboration with Marvin Getman. It, too, was very successful, with sales surpassing any recent show away from home - and at a fraction of the expense. Our hopes were being realized, and, in a monumental decision, in August we sold our 20 year old Econoline and bought a minivan.

We've decided to carry on digitally for the foreseeable future. This winter we will be participating in The New York Antiques Show, a new digital event based on Marvin Getman's very accessible platform, and in March we plan to be part of the Spring installment of the Fox Valley show. After that, who knows? A year ago, we decided to cap our off-campus shows at two; this year, online opportunities might allow us to increase that number just a bit.

We're making changes in the way we do things at home, as well. The intensity of the first hour or so of our last two Conway openings has convinced us that we need to return to a calmer format. Beginning with this newsletter, instead of offering nearly 100 things at two openings each year, we'll be splitting our new stock into smaller bundles, spreading out their release over several newsletters. We trust that this will be better for all.

Meanwhile, our showrooms remain open by appointment, and we're always happy to welcome visitors. You'll find our event calendar for the first half of 2021 at the bottom of the page, just below Pippin's Page, The Back Page, and pictures taken during our annual New Year's Eve dinner last Thursday. And, most important, look for the listing of two dozen pieces that are appearing on our website for the first time. We hope you'll have a look at all of it.
Our New Year's Eve Dinner
For nearly two decades Jan and I have celebrated the arrival of the new year with a banquet a deux in the quiet of our home. In January 2008 we published photographs of the preceding month's dinner, and the response of readers was so positive that we have continued to feature the dinner in our January newsletters.

While the meal is the point, its planning and preparation give us equal pleasure. We prepare everything at home during the day or earlier in the week, and we eat and drink at a leisurely pace. Appetizers begin at 6:00, and our last bites of dessert disappear around 10:00.

This year's meal consists of six courses and three craft beers, one each from the states of New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts. If you'd like to have a look at the dinner, just click on the photograph of our appetizer course, above.
This month's new listings
Clicking on the picture above will take you to the listing of 26 pieces, new to our website this month. There are pieces in all categories: furniture, jewelry, carpets, smalls, and paintings. This is the first of our monthly listings of new stock, and we invite you to have a look.
Our next show - back to The City!
The New York Antiques Show at the end of this month will be our second show utilizing Marvin Getman's excellent platform. As we did at The Fox Valley Show, we'll be presenting our best at this online event. We'll email a reminder to newsletter subscribers in a couple of weeks and then a link to the show in time for the opening at 11:00 a.m. on Friday the 29th. The dealer list is growing, and it's looking like another hit. We hope you'll join us.
Pippin's Page
Christmas morning -
for Pippin, as good a time as any to pose for a few photographs.
Click his picture to see our favorite.
The Back Page
As unkind as 2020 has been to us all, in its waning hours it gave us a beautiful gift: December's full moon. On Wednesday morning we woke to hazy skies and a brilliant view of the moon in the western sky. Just before 7:00 a.m. we took a photograph in the early morning light which we hope captures some of the magic. Click here if you'd like a look.
Our calendar for the first half of 2021
January 29 - 31
The New York Antiques Show
Newsletter subscribers will receive notices as the show approaches

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Thanks for reading.

Stay well, stay safe, and be kind.

May the coming year be filled with goodness and peace.

John & Jan