November 29, 2019
Events This Weekend
Advent Evensong
With Voce Camerata
Sunday at 5:00 p.m.
Please join us for an Advent Evensong Service with Voce Camerata and Consort, a group of musicians who perform music from the medieval and baroque eras. Music and scriptures will reflect the season of Advent.  
Angel Tree Giving This Season
This Advent Season we will have a very small Angel Tree just for Kosha and Shay Shay, our Olive Branch family, and also do a special offering for our Pastor's Discretionary Fund.

Instead of helping just one or two families at Christmas, the discretionary fund allows us to help many people, church members and in the community, with needs throughout the year.

This year (with the help of Heritage Baptist) we helped a single mom of 4 get her car running again so she would have transportation. We also helped our Olive Branch family get their water reconnected following problems with a leak and inattentive landlord. The fund helped feed the homeless and provided assistance with utilities, gas money, and even work shoes.

Designated offerings for the Pastor's Discretionary Fund may be placed in the offering any time during the month.
Angel Tree
Shay Shay would like a bicycle and helmet (16" pink and/or purple), some cartridges for her LeapPad that we got her last year, and clothes. We may not have her clothing sizes by this Sunday, but can start collecting for the rest. If we receive extra donations, we'll give it as a gift to help with bills.

There will be tags to take for specific items at church. You may also give money to Lori if you want her to shop for you.
Tri-Area Ministries Barn Raising
Sat. November 30
Tri-Are Ministries is having a Barn Raising to build a new 12x12 storage shed. They need some help with sawing and hammering. Here is a link with more information. You do need to sign up if you plan to help.

Camp Caroline Repair Fundraiser
The Christian Men’s Fellowship of First Christian Church in Rocky Mount is raising funds to repair the pier at Camp Caroline. They have printed Disciples of Christ decals and are selling them for $10.00 each. They have sent us fourteen of the decals to sell. The decals and an envelope for your contribution will be on the table in the entry in the sanctuary.

If anyone wants one who isn't going to be at church on Sunday, reply to this email to let Lori know.

Choir practice this Sunday after worship to sing on December 8.
Composting and Recycling Presentation
Tuesday, December 3 at 6:30 p.m.
Fellowship Hall
Join the Green Team in learning about the importance of composting, recycling, and generating less trash. Julie Moore, a member of the NC Composting Counsel, provides education and resources to community groups and churches on composting at home and at church.
Annual DWM
Christmas Luncheon
December 7 at 11:30 a.m.
Hillyer Memorial Christian Church

The women of WFCC are invited to attend the annual DWM luncheon. It will be in the Fellowship Hall at Hillyer, and the Hillyer ladies will provide the food and beverages.
Please plan to attend this very special time of fellowship and spirit union as we prepare our hearts for the Advent Season.

Susan Coffey is planning on attending. You may contact her for more information. Email Susan

Decorating the Church for Advent
Come and join the festivities as we decorate the church for the Christmas season on Saturday, December 7 at 2:00. We will have Christmas music playing and cookies to help us get in the Christmas spirit.
Creation Spirituality
Experience through movement
Tai Chi
December 8, 3:00-4:00
Fellowship Hall

The purpose of Creation Spirituality to is awaken and be more aware of our inner spirits and how our spirits are part of God’s Spirit.

On Sunday, December 8, Laura Wilson will be leading us in spiritual movement through the discipline of Tai Chi, a moving meditation. Unlike most meditation forms where you sit still, Tai Chi involves continuous, slow movement. It improves focus and makes people mindful of their movement. No athletic ability, flexibility, or prior experience of any kind is required.

Laura is a certified teacher of Tai Chi and other movement traditions. She will be leading these meditations the second Sunday of the month.

We will not have Creation Spirituality through art this month. We encourage you to take some time for creativity, meditation and reflection throughout the month.

Celebrations of Advent

  • December 1at 5:00 p.m: Voce Camerata will return to be a major part of our Advent Evensong Service 
  • December 7 at 2:00 p.m: Decorate the church for Advent. Christmas cookies, music and community provided!
  • December 8: WFCC Choir will sing during worship 
  • December 15: Cellisima! will return with cellos during worship 
  • December 22 (Mary's Sunday): Amy Johnson will be providing a Song of Mary
  • December 24: Christmas Eve Services
  • 7:00 p.m. Candlelight Communion Service
  • 11:00 p.m. Contemplative Service
  • There will be special music at both services
Green Chalice

The Green Chalice Team is made up of those who wish to live out their faith by caring for creation and also to help guide our church to being good stewards of God’s creation. Contact Loye Messina if you would like to be a part of the Green Chalice Team.

Tip for Loving Creation:
Use more energy efficient lighting at Christmas and year around.

Decorating with Christmas lights is a time-honored tradition, but adding any number of strings of lights can also add a strain on your energy usage.
However, with LED lights, you can save a huge amount of money! For the same amount of lighting, the cost of running a string of lights for 12 hours a day for 40 days is widely disproportionate with different types of lights: a Standard C-7 bulb costs $25.13, while  LED holiday lights only cost $0.56 !

Although the initial cost of LED light strings is higher, they are sturdier and last up to 10x longer. Also, LED bulbs are cooler to the touch than incandescent bulbs, posing less risk of fire.

Use a timer for your lights. This will ensure that you don’t forget to turn them off when they can’t be enjoyed (i.e. late at night or during daylight hours). Consequently, you can end up saving a bundle on electricity.

Go to Energy Star for more information about LED light bulbs.
"Pay What You Can" Restaurant Possibly Coming to Wake Forest
Kevin Meese of WF Presbyterian Church is spearheading an initiative to bring a Pay-What-You-Can restaurant to Wake Forest. This will be modeled on the successful A Place At The Table restaurant at 300 W. Hargett St. in downtown Raleigh.

The plan is to start with two teams in January - one to pull together a business plan and the other to set up a 501c3. They need to find local talent to help staff several key positions. Do you have expertise and a heart for service in the following areas?

  • Restaurant Management or Operations
  • Financial Planning for non-profits
  • Marketing, Communications or Fundraising in non-profits (restaurant experience a plus but not necessary)

If you have an interest, please contact George Shaw

Weddings at WFCC
We now have a Weddings at WFCC Facebook group page. Please go there to "like" and follow us!

Spread the word that our beautiful church is available for weddings. There are many people in our community who would like to have a church wedding but don't have a church of their own. We would like to help them with this sacred event.
Choir practice
Schedule for November and December
December 1 , practice after worship to sing on December 8
December 8, practice at 10:00 to sing during worship

Contact Kay Liestman with any questions
New faces and voices are welcome!
Fall Book Study
We are on break until after the New Year

Drawing on scripture, history, and spiritual practice, Rohr articulates a transformative view of Jesus Christ as God’s constant, unfolding work in the world.
Centering Prayer
Thursdays at 4:00 p.m.
Fellowship Hall

The Wisdom Way of Knowing, Reclaiming an Ancient Tradition to Awaken the Heart by Cynthia Bourgeault
Centering Prayer is a way to remember to re-orient our lives. Centering prayer consists of two components:
1) Studying the process of Centering, and discussion of our reading for the week.
2) Spending twenty minutes divesting ourselves of ourselves - our thoughts, feelings, and busyness. This whole process is a self-reminder in all of life to be centered in the awareness of the presence of the Holy. 

Adult Education Class
Sunday mornings, 9:30 a.m.
Fellowship Hall
Ken Watson is leading a new class on Sunday mornings, Reading the Bible in an Age of Cynicism ." It will address questions such as:
Where did the Bible come from?
Why are there so many versions of it?
Who decides what is the REAL BIBLE?
Given that people can read the same words and come to different conclusions about what is meant, how should the Bible be interpreted?

You do not need to get a book for this study. Ken will provide handouts as needed. You may join in any time.
Thank you to everyone who donated money to help our Olive Branch family with their Thanksgiving meal. Kosha had only asked for help getting a ham, but we collected enough to help her family have a Thanksgiving feast!
Hope Defeats Hunger
Volunteer to deliver meals to Hope House. This is a 30 minute or less commitment to pick up meals from The Forks Cafeteria, deliver them to Hope House (N. Allen Rd), and then return the cooler to The Forks. WFCC has committed to transport the meals on Thursdays at 5:30 pm.

Information about Hope House
Sign Up for meal delivery
Oodles of Noodles

We are continuing our ministry in the Olive Branch Baptist community by participating in an ongoing food drive to provide families there with some food that can be prepared with just hot water. Please bring Oodles of Noodles or ramen type products to the collection basket in the old fellowship hall. We will still continue our collections for Tri-Area Ministry as well.
Tri-Area Ministry Food Collection
Tri-Area Ministry is one of our Missional Partners. Please continue to support this very important ministry in our community.  
Tri-Area always needs donations of  cereal, peanut butter, jelly, canned meats, diapers, wipes and hygiene items for their "Love for Ladies" program.  Bring your items to the collection basket at church (the old fellowship hall) and we will take them to the collection center.

Volunteers are always welcome. No RSVP or experience necessary. Just come during open hours and you will be shown what to do.

Deductible financial donations can be mailed and payable to:
Tri Area Ministries, PO Box 1394. Wake Forest, NC 27588
Click here to see our church calendar.
  Youth Information
Luke Miles
Director of Youth Ministries
Christian Church in North Carolina
(336) 202-1354