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July 2022 Newsletter
At last, summer seems to have arrived and with it, our spring shipment, which is expected to reach New York this week. It's been quiet here for the past month, and we've taken the opportunity to spend time in our workshop, getting pieces ready to be shown at the Fox Valley Fall Show on October 18 and 19 and at our Fall Opening on the weekend of November 5 & 6. In the meantime, we're putting out our OPEN sign every Sunday and having enjoyable conversations with the few visitors who come to shop or chat.

This month's newsletter contains more than two dozen new listings and a pair of short stories. The first story is about a piece in our inventory that made recurring appearances in European museums we visited in April, and the second describes the curious journey of our most recent European shipment. Pippin and The Back Page will complete this month's issue. We hope you'll enjoy it.
This month's new listings
This month: moderately priced jewelry and smalls. A few are pictured above.
Click the image to see them all.
We're open on Sundays this summer
Our Conway shop is open from 9:00 until 4:00 on Sundays through Labor Day. If you fancy an in-person look at something you've seen on our website or would just enjoy walking through our galleries, please drop by. We'll be happy to see you.
Chasing the Wild Candlestick
During our most recent visit to Mauritshuis in The Hague, we spotted this candlestick in a painting by Pieter Claesz. Its resemblance to one of later vintage currently in our inventory stuck with us, so it isn't remarkable that we found two more in period paintings in other museums. Click the image to see them.
The Curious Voyage of Atlantic Sail
Each time we ship our new furniture acquisitions from England to New York, we watch anxiously as the huge cargo ships cross the Atlantic. Our most recent shipment encountered a unique situation and, although it has caused a few days of anxiety, appears to be bound for it destination. Click the image to read more.
Pippin's Page
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The Back Page
Three years ago, a pair of house finches decided to build a nest under the roof of one of the narrow porches that line our 18th-century barn/porch. We thought it was a curious place for a nest, but when their young fledged safely and the family departed, we assumed they were gone forever.

This year another pair appeared, and the story is being repeated. We've noticed that the brightly plumed male usually keeps watch from a distance while the female minds the nest. He held his ground and puffed up his chest as I approached to take his picture, while his bride seems more cautious and usually flees when one of us approaches. During one of these brief absences, I was able to stand on a short ladder and photograph the nest from above. To see what I saw, click the image above.
Be well, stay safe.
Thanks for reading.

John & Jan