Dear Friends,

Like many community-based organizations our original focus at the onset of the Covid-19 crisis was ensuring seniors in our community had the meals they needed delivered to them in the safest way possible. We increased our service by over 40% as more seniors found themselves homebound because of the health risk posed by the virus.

As the shelter-in-place order has continued, we recognize the need to focus on the loneliness that can set in when seniors spend so much time isolated at home. Read below to see the creative ways the National Charity League helped us ensure our clients know someone is thinking of them during this difficult time.

When I am in the community sharing about the work of Meals on Wheels Diablo Region, most people do not realize how much more we do than deliver meals. One example is the work our Care Management staff provides seniors to help with other issues impacting their quality of life. In honor of Elder Abuse Awareness Month, read below to learn what MOW Diablo Region does to prevent elder abuse throughout Contra Costa County.

I am grateful for the support the community continues to provide that allows us to help the seniors we serve.