Welcome June!!

Summer is officially here, so lets welcome long, gorgeous sunny days with some new Specials!

For starters, we are offering a promotion on one of our injectable filler: Radiesse. This FDA approved filler is commonly used in areas of the face such as the cheeks and chin to increase volume and provide balance to the face.

For the month of June, we also wanted to highlight our Active FX CO2 Laser Resurfacing treatment . If you have ever considered laser rejuvenation in the past but had concerns with the amount of downtime, then the Active FX laser is for you! Keep scrolling to find out more.

We also made sure to provide 3 Specials on skincare treatments. We have Refreshed Skincare Specials on our Brightening HydraFacial, The Perfect Peel, and Microdermabrasion---along with a brand new video where we demonstrate and compare the two different types of Microdermabrasion treatments: Diamond tip Vs Crystals. Check it out below!

We hope to see you soon!!
Why Active FX Laser Resurfacing?

"Active FX" gets its name from the speedy fast recovery time following the procedure, so patients can get back to their  active  and busy lifestyles!

This CO2 laser uses fractional technology to treat the outermost layers of skin so the healing process is far faster, ensuring that your skin will look  Refreshed  in just days!

The Active FX CO2 Laser is the gold standard for the reduction of troublesome pigmentation and fine lines as illustrated in the images above*.

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*All Laser Rejuvenating procedures performed by Dr. Miller.
Radiesse® is an FDA approved dermal filler used to increase the volume to the face such as the cheeks and chin area, or to rejuvenate the hands . Using calcium-based micro spheres, Radiesse also helps stimulate collagen to boost elasticity of the skin over time
Chin augmentation is a common procedure at Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery & SkinCare. The chin augmentation seen in the picture above can be accomplished with a syringe based filler, such as Radiesse®. Dr. Miller performed the procedure, which took about 15 minutes and will typically last well over one year. As seen, the treatment provided better balance to her lower face and also indirectly improved her neck profile.

Our JUNE SPECIAL: Receive $50 off your first syringe and $100 off your second syringe of Radiesse ®. Offer valid through 6/30/19 or while supplies last. Call for details.

Special #1

Microdermabrasion Treatment- Series of 3 for $350
Diamond vs Crystal Tip

In the video linked above, you can actually see the difference between the two types of tip applicators used with our Microdermabrasion machine in action * !

Crystals: The original and most popular form of microdermabrasion. Via the microdermabrasion wand, natural DermaGlow crystals are gently sprayed over the surface of the skin, loosening unwanted skin cells. As the wand sweeps across the stratum corneum (the outermost layers of skin with its exfoliated dead skin cells are gently and effectively vacuumed away.

Diamond Tip: Here a high-end Diamond inset tip, instead of Crystals, is used to exfoliate and treat the skin. Like the video illustrates, this method takes less "clean up" because of the lack of crystals. The Diamond tip and the DermaVortex™ vacuum system actually reduce the need for high vacuum levels, so you can enjoy the most gentle, consistent, non-streaking microdermabrasion treatment. In turn, this allows for thorough exfoliation of unwanted skin cells while increasing blood flow to aid in the production of collagen.

Both methods are effective for removing the top dead layer of skin thereby removing the primary cause of dull, sallow looking skin--it helps return your skin's natural glow and feel. Also, the treatment helps the dermis to become thicker, smoother, and more elastic.

Call us with any questions or to book your appointment today!

* We use the professional DermaGlow II Microdermabrasion machine--the best available. Be wary of machines that can be stored in a cupboard, on a counter-top, or purchased online. They commonly do not provide an effective microdermabrasion treatment.

Special #2

HydraFacial MD with Britenol Booster & LED Light Therapy- $285 (Reg. $350)

Get the ultimate treatment with this HydraFacial Special. Along with the cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating benefits of the Signature HydraFacial, the Britenol booster brightens and balances skin tones while minimizing the appearance of dark spots and sun spots .

The added LED Light Therapy helps with surface redness and aids in circulation. You don't want to miss out on this amazing treatment!

Learn more about the HydraFacial Here.

Special #3

The Perfect Derma Peel- $250 (Reg. $300)
Lighten and brighten your skin while slowing down the aging process with this medical grade chemical peel .
With the purchase of 2 (or more) of your favorite Elta MD products, receive this beach tote bag for free!

With the coming beautiful summer weather, we know you're going to be spending plenty of time at the beach or some place outside, perhaps at a festive picnic, so now is the perfect time to stock up on sunscreen.

Elta MD has a variety of zinc-oxide sunscreens for face and body UVA/UVB ray protection. Plus you can carry all your beach-day belongings in this fabulous tote!

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