The Connecticut General Assembly’s legislative session wrapped up on May 4th, with our Legislators passing a budget adjustment for the fiscal year 2023 as well as numerous other legislation that provides tremendous support to families in our state. 

We applaud the hard work of our Norwalk Legislators, who brought almost $300 million of state funding back to our community. Thank you to Senator Bob Duff and Representatives Lucy Dathan, Travis Simms, Terrie Wood, Chris Perone, and Stephanie Thomas for your hard work this session!

 Some highlights of policies passed this session:

  • $223 million Toward children’s mental health resources over the next two years
  • Expanding Medicaid coverage to children 12 years old and younger, regardless of their immigration status
  • Enacting the first-ever state child tax credit, $250 per child, up to 3 children
  • Establishing Juneteenth Independence Day as a legal holiday 
  • Expanding eligibility and access to absentee ballot voting
  • Increased Special Education funding to reduce local property tax burdens 
  • Over $100 million towards child care
  • Passed comprehensive data privacy legislation with the strongest data protections for children in the five states with comprehensive data privacy laws. 
  • Free bus fare and continuation of the 25-cent gas tax through December 1st 

We would like to take a moment and thank Representatives Stephanie Thomas, Terrie Wood, and Chris Perone for their service to Norwalk and our state, as they are not seeking re-election to the House of Representatives next year. 

2022 Child Tax Rebate Application is Now Open!
For more information visit this page, applications are open through July 31st, 2022.