Clean water for God's thirsty children
Building On A Successful Start in Kenya
Fr. Joseph Nungari FMH stands with newly-trained Water Women
and some of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters who collaborate
on the Water With Blessings project in Awasi, Kenya.
Spreading Clean Water From One Parish Community
Through An Entire Area

Originally from Kenya, Fr. Joseph Nungari FMH was traveling and studying in the United States when he heard about Water With Blessings.

“I came into contact with a Kenyan lady who had translated the Water With Blessings materials into Swahili,” he said. “She knew where I was working back in Kenya had problems with clean water, and put me in touch with Sr. Larraine Lauter. I talked with Sister, and was able to get 80 filters back to my village of Awasi.”

That was in 2017. Through Sr. Larraine’s help, he was able to find funding for a water bore-hole to get more water into the area. They also collaborated to fund a water treatment machine for a home for the elderly in Nairobi.

Now Fr. Joseph works as a hospital chaplain on Long Island near New York City, but he's currently caught back home in Kenya because of the coronavirus, perhaps for months to come. Wanting to use his time creatively, he recently reconnected with Sister Larraine to coordinate more Water With Blessings activities in Kenya.

“We want to revive the same program and get more filters for the area around the parish there,” he said. “We are working with a congregation of Franciscan Sisters and they can get the filters out to other areas. We will take as many filters as we can get – 1,000, even 2,000 if we could. Whatever the number, we would appreciate.

“There was a lot of problems with access to clean water, and the filters have helped us reduce the number of water-borne diseases in the area around the parish. Now we have the opportunity to do so much more.”
One of the first Water Women in Awasi, Kenya,
with her family, all now drinking clean water
Autumn Festival Tea Party

Remember to join us for a special seasonal Tea Party this coming Friday, October 30, at noon eastern time (11am central). Although we had a few warm days last week, the rains came through and the temperature dropped. A cup of tea sounds good right now.

This will replace our weekly Coffee Chat (although if you still prefer coffee, we won’t mind). And if you let us know by Monday, you may still be in time to receive a special Tea Party Package. We’ll send to your ‘snail-mailbox’ a special tea and a seasonal party decoration to display during the Chat. Also, we invite you to ‘Halloween’ decorate a facemask to wear.

So click on the link below to join us for some virtual festivity. Then on October 30, set up your cup of tea, have your décor nearby, and flaunt your Halloween facemask. We’ll also have door prizes. Let’s brighten up the end of a crazy year!
Drinking Clean Water For The First Time

Maybe you know someone who would like to join our community in mission.

Many of our friends tell us that they love Water With Blessings and would like to help in some way, but don't feel comfortable asking people for money.

We know the feeling. It makes us all uncomfortable.

But an easy way to help is to forward this email to a few of your friends. You never know -- perhaps they would want to join you in providing clean water to God's thirsty children.

And we thank you again for your own giving. Did you know you can make an even longer-term impact by clicking the link below to become a sustaining donor to Water With Blessings. By giving $12.50 each month, you can sponsor two new Water Women each year.

We'll be sure to send you information on seeing where your Water Women live and the impact your gift is making.
Today's the Day:
Enjoy A Great Meal For A Great Cause

This afternoon, October 25, Water With Blessings will be the Celebrity Host at Le Moo during the dinner shift (5-9pm). Up to 10% of the night's total revenue will be donated to us.

Le Moo (2300 Lexington Road) boasts the most eclectic steak menu in Louisville, (a cut for every palate) and offers a variety of non-beef selections, including lamb, chicken, seafood and pasta. Bourbon infused sides, Gluten-Free options, Kid's Menu, and much more.

Once again, we will be there to greet our friends and meet new ones while we hand out our world-famous, always-in-demand WWB swag bags.

So make your reservations now, and help us
continue providing clean water to God's thirsty children.
Why I Support
Water With Blessings
Pat Doyle

Pat Doyle learned as a child about those in need by reading her grandmother’s copies of Maryknoll Magazine.

“That was my first exposure to people without the things I had, who needed the things I took for granted,” she said.

Pat, who lives in Albany, New York, worked for many years as a medical social worker, specializing in patients with HIV/AIDS. Later she directed a program at the New York State Department of Health for pregnant women who were at risk of transmitting HIV to their infants. During those years, she saw how women could be in support of other women.

“That’s one thing I like about Water With Blessings,” she said. “It empowers women who then empower other women – they support one another. And there’s nothing like having someone who knows what you’re going through. I love that model.”
Pat is careful about the charities she supports, and appreciates the cost-effective way Water With Blessings works, with very little overhead or administrative costs. But she is even more focused on the successes and how effectively the Sawyer PointONE filter works. She was very moved by a video from the Water With Blessings team in Haiti.

“The water in the bucket was green, but came out clean – it was shocking,” she said. “It was a stark example of how it works. The impact was noticeable, the impact to eliminate water-borne diseases from an entire neighborhood. It’s very impressive.”

While her ability to help is limited because of the coronavirus, Pat is eager to help spread the message about Water With Blessings.

“Eventually one day I would like to make a presentation here in Albany, to encourage people to learn more about Water With Blessings.” she said. “Right now my role is pretty tiny. I’m hoping it grows.”
Coffee Chat This Week Is Also An Autumn Tea Party, With A Side Trip To Kenya
Yes, we’ll be traveling halfway around the world to meet up with one the most joyful priests you’re going to find. Fr. Joseph Nungari will tell us about the village of Awasi and the great success of providing clean water to the area around the parish there. He will also talk about the opportunity to do so much more.

Remember, we have moved the regular Friday Coffee Chat time permanently to noon Eastern time (11am Central). Water With Blessings has friends and supporters all over the country, this gives more people a chance to join us.

So if our old time was too early for you, please consider clicking below to be a part of the conversation. Then grab a mid-day beverage and fire up the connection. We look forward to seeing you.
Hey dude, get your
groove on with
Water With Blessings!

We will be tie-dying this week, and the t-shirts are FREE to anyone who made a donation in September or October. (For anyone else, a donation is requested.)

Join us this Wednesday, October 28, from 11am-2pm, weather permitting. If it rains, we’ll try the next day, Thursday, October 29, same time. There's still time to donate!!

In order to help us maintain social distancing, please call Debbie Robson at the WWB office at (502) 749-5492 to make a reservation.
Other News and Upcoming Events

Cradles of Christ

The Water With Blessings 3rd Annual Cradles of Christ Nativity Display is December 12 & 13. Remember: Our Silent Night Auction will be online this year. It begins Thanksgiving Day, November 26.

And we need your help. We are looking for restaurant gift cards, sports event tickets, vacation stays, nativity sets, gift baskets, jewelry, Christmas items, and services like classes, massages, car detailing, hair care and anything else! Can you donate or get the businesses you frequent to donate gift cards, items and services?

Donated items (or a photo and description of the item) should be sent by October 31 so we can post the items online. If you can help us, please contact our office or send an email to:

2020 Frosty 5K, A Virtual Road Race
Sunday December 6

All you runners and fast walkers, please mark your calendar. We'll have more details on this next week. (By the way: there will be prizes!)

Please share your story with others

As you have been reading, people are telling others why they support Water With Blessings. If you would like to tell your story, please let us know. Send an email to and we will get in touch with you. Thank you for helping Water With Blessings.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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