The Center for Spirit, Wisdom and the Arts 
announces the opening of
 The Church of the Black Madonna with a workshop  


Our Lady, the Black Madonna 


Saturday, December 13, 2014, 9 am-3 pm


Our LadoGuadalupe ithNortAmerican expressioothBlack Madonna. S/his addressinus now in our ecologic crisiawe experience global warming, tsunamis hurricanes etc. S/halscalls us in our dreams, visions, prayers, religious studies, creative work, intuitions etc. Spirituajourneys often begin in thdarand  thiAdvenworkshop encourages uto enter thHoldarkness as our own hero/ines journey. The labyrinth iaancient symboothe inner spirituajourney. Wasthayobring a paiosandrocks, bark, twigs or anything from nature and 

wwill create a labyrinth. ThstoroOur Ladwill guide this day owritingartwork,  ansharing. S/hibeckoninancallinuawopen the Churcof thBlacMadonnat thneCenter foSpirit,Wisdom anthArts.

Dear Our Lady,You who are the

BlacMadonna, Our HolMother

Wprathathe divinchild

within uwill bbroughthealthy


awtyowho leaves nchild out, no creature unloveancared forGuide utrestorour naturamother instincthaas a humaspecies we will protecanreimagine a new "EcologicCivilization.Amen.(,www. 

Vegetariasalad balunch included.

13014 Calle De Las Rosas, San Diego, CA 92129

God loves  you and there is nothing you can do about it!


 Please contact Rev. Bonnie with any questions,  and to reserve your place. or (858) 248-5123.

    A New Home ChurcthaHonors all Wisdom Traditions

Weekly Dream Group, Centering Prayer, Worship,Workshops, Dances and Pot Luck Dinners,Counseling and  Spiritual Direction

Religiomeantbintogether.The wisdom of the world religions are needed urgently.This new home church binds us together to heal and transform ourselves and our Sacred Earth. The teachings of ecology are the teachings of the wisdom

traditions.Whawe do effects everyone and everythingfoWarOne.


This Advent workshop on Our Lady, the Black Madonna is on Saturday December 13th one  day after her feast day. 


Co-Founder and Co-Directoof ThCenter and minister othe churches, Rev.  Bonnie also provides individual spiritual direction, pastoral counseling and is available foteachinanpreaching, weddings, memorial services, ritualohealing and social justice work. She offers a dream group and Center Prayer weekly. 


Dr. Walt Co-Foundeand Co-Director of The Center ithDirectooCounselinServicesTogethetheoffer workshopsclassessupporgroups and hosTwelvStemeetings,

and a "MonthlDruFreDance foPeoploAlAges."


RevBonnie was ordained in 1999 and has served both Unitarian Universalist and United Church of Christ Churches. She has a M.Div. from Claremont School of Theology, a M.F. A. in theater from the American Conservatory Theater, a B.A. in Visual Art froU.C.S.D. and a certificatas a dreaworkerfrothMarin InstitutfoProjective DreamWork.


Dr.Walter Rutherford, a MarriaganFamily Therapist,  has over 30 yearexperienceis a recognized PTSDexpert, and works with addictionanrelationshipsHe hastudieantaughTibetan Buddhism as a transpersonal psychologist.




Skype bonnie.tarwater




Bonnie and Walt ask you to invite your freinds and have them on our maiing list. Upcoming:
"Dog and Hello Kitty Chapel" and an Animal Blessing,  on January 4, 2015 and  on February 7, 2015 a couples enrichment workshop, 
"Intimate Relationships as Spiritual Practice" for LGBT and all sexual orientations. 

Please also join us at the "Ecological Civilization" confernece at Pomona College, June 4-7, 2015. "To see the world with ecological relations at its core means never to see it in the same way again." John B. Cobb Jr.,
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