Volume 12 Issue 5 | June 9, 2023

Our Lady of the Rosary Office Now Located on Berry Lane

Effective Friday, June 9, 2023, Our Lady will office at 431 Berry Lane, Georgetown, TX 78626.

The main phone number will remain the same and will not experience any down time during the transition period. Email addresses for the staff will also stay the same and will continue to function without interruption.

Anticipated completion of the installation of phones and Internet is expected to be done sometime next week. NOTE: The staff will be working remotely until these two items are operational.

Before coming to the new office, please call to confirm that the staff is back onsite.


At-need meetings will continue to be serviced as calls are received. General inquiries, pre-need planning, marker and monument processing can be directed to the following individuals listed below.


1. General inquiries, at-need and pre-planning:

Michelle Jones, 512-863-8411

2. Upright and custom monuments:

Carolyn King, 512-657-1164

3. Flat markers, natural stone markers and baby markers:

Carolyn Doerr, 512-605-9210


The map below shows the location of the new office at 431 Berry Lane, just northwest of the cemetery entrance.

Berry Lane Repaving Is Complete

Our Lady is happy to announce that the repaving of Berry Lane from SH29 to the cemetery entrance was completed on Tuesday, May 30th.

Smooth riding everyone! Enjoy, drive safely and respect all who use the road.

Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery & Prayer Gardens

Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery and Prayer Gardens is a special place of peace, beauty, reverence, and unity. Our Lady offers traditional burial, green burial, and cremation burial. The staff works directly with families and funeral homes in Austin and the surrounding areas to ensure that the burial service for your loved one is a caring and compassionate experience.


The cemetery welcomes individuals of all faiths from the Austin area and beyond. Whether you are in a time of need or pre-planning, the caring staff at Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery is waiting to walk by your side.


Learn more about Our Lady at www.olotr.com

Cemetery: 330 Berry Lane, Georgetown, TX 78626

Office: 431 Berry Lane, Georgetown, TX 78626

512.863.8411 / 737.444.5234