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November 2019
Our Lady Undoer of Knots Pray for us!




We signed a "Cohabitation & Lease Agreement" with St Marks On the Hill Episcopal Church on October 26th 2019. The lease takes effect December 1st 2019, The First Sunday of Advent, although we may celebrate an initial liturgy the Sunday before.

We want to thank Bishop Sutton, the Bishop of Maryland, Stuart Wright of the Episcopal Diocese and Rick Tomlinson for their Support.

But we owe a very special debt of gratitude to Rev. Julia Fritts, Warden Margaret Schotto, The Bishop's Ministry Team and the entire community of St. Marks for opening their home to us fledgling s.

Our new address is

(click the address to see us on a map)

Beginning December 1st

The Sacrifice of the Mass will occur
each Sunday at 6:00 PM .

Now we must get on with building our community!!
In Other News

In October we elected our first Board of Trustees by electing John Hagens, Mike Nolet , Tony Bono and Father Al to the Board.

The first act of the Board was to approve our Constitution and By Laws

We also incorporated in the State of Maryland as a registered non-profit and opened our first Bank Account!
We have also partnered with ASC Technologies to install their REALM Connect and REALM Accounting cloud-based Church administration systems.

We are determined to be as paperless as possible and to use technology to communicate with particular groups (e.g. our social justice team, liturgy team, etc. ) and the parish as a whole, schedule events and meetings, develop paths to discipleship and other capabilities, track records and finances, etc.

REALM also has the ability to establish on-line and planned giving programs, bill payment, donor statements and more.

Our Treasurer John Hagens and Father Al will be rolling out functionality as soon was we can.

Pray to Our Lady

Remember Our Lady is always there to intercede for us with Her Son to undo all the knots we have in our life.

If you'd like, please bring your petition to the "prayer request" page on our website and we will remember all intentions at our next Mass.

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