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Our Last Chance to Stop Drag Queen Readings to Children
This Saturday is Drag Queen Story Time at Sparks Library!

Have you taken action?

Have you made your phone calls?

Have you signed our petition?

Have you emailed the Washoe County Commissioners and Washoe Library Board?

We are having an impact and supporters of this offensive event are feeling the heat and pressure.

We could actually win and have this event cancelled if enough people would simply take a few minutes to make a call and send emails.

Remember, this Saturday, July 20 th from 10:15am to 11:15am is when this story time is set to take place. 

There are four things we need you to do immediately to help us put pressure on event organizers and let your voice be heard.

1.     Call the Washoe County Library offices . Ask them NOT to proceed and NOT allow the Drag Queen Story Time to take place.
(775) 328-2586

2.    Sign our petition  objecting to this absurdity exposing children to this sexually provocative lifestyle.

4.   Contact Washoe County Commissioners .   The commissioners appoint the Washoe County Library Board and Jeff Scott, Library Director. 

Because many of you have spoken up the media is acknowledging our work to see that this event is stopped and our kids are not exposed to these men living a sexually questionable and provocative lifestyle that flamboyantly dress as women.

Just a couple days ago KOLO8 News Now reported on our strong opposition and came to Nevada Family Alliance because of our work.

Here are a couple more articles featuring Nevada Family Alliance:

Please remember that the local library director is insisting this event take place despite our opposition. He is intent on having kids exposed to drag queens and is using this as a selling point to encourage people to attend the “Gay Pride” parade set to take place the following week.

He is playing into the hands of radical transgender activists by exposing minors to these sexually offensive lifestyles in the hopes of “opening up their minds” and giving kids “variety” on sex and gender perspective. He knows full well what he and these activists are doing. Their goal is plant seeds of doubt about sexuality in the minds of our youth.

As we reported just a few days ago, the Drag Queen Story Time event and marching in the parade are right out of the scheme being promoted by the American Library Association.

They are showing libraries throughout America… 

…how to sneak into their libraries books, programs and activities aimed at 
   promoting the cross-dressing “drag queen” lifestyle, 
…how youth can be more than just male or female
…how to keep parents in the dark on what children are reading

…how to offer kids pro-homosexual reading lists
…how to ignore and go around public complaints and objections by 
   labeling them as “censorship.”

There is nothing family friendly about this event. This is a blatant attempt to sexualize our children at such young, impressionable ages.

We only have one more day to make our voices heard and turn up the heat.

Please help us take a stand for our children and families.

Take action now!
Listen to NFA's Executive Director and Washoe County Library Director discuss the controversial "Drag Queen Story Hour"

Please consider supporting our work with a financial gift today. We are under attack simply because we want to protect children. We genuinely need your financial support as continue to take a stand for our kids and families.