Our Latest Journal: Is the “Upswing” Here?
In his book, The Upswing, Robert Putnam outlines similarities between the years prior to the progressive era and our current times. In the latest edition of the National Civic Review, linked below for our readers, Daniel Kemmis suggests that this “upswing” is on its way. I think it’s already here, as seen in the many examples of civic engagement and problem-solving in communities across the country; it just doesn’t make the national news. That’s why our newsletter and journal are here!
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TEMPO Engages Youth in Tallahassee
Summer Edition of National Civic Review Now Available
Civic Illiteracy Fuels Misinformation
70 young people in Tallahassee just received a new opportunity to succeed with the latest graduation of TEMPO, a program aimed at improving the education and job prospects of disconnected youth. As an All-America City, Tallahassee has made its mark with many innovative programs, and TEMPO is one that has shown great success in its short lifespan of four years.

The summer issue of the Review celebrates cities that are making progress on addressing challenges such as racial equity, health equity and community resilience. Authors offer ideas on measuring the value of public participation, engaging urban residents through block clubs, promoting public trust with better service delivery and digital communication, and ways of seeking input from youth.

Schoolhouse Rock educated a generation of Americans through short films on topics from grammar to science and math. Most notably, the ‘America’ series offered education (and entertainment) on a broad range of civics topics including the three branches of government, how a bill becomes a law, the electoral college and more. Recent statistics suggest the country could use a reboot of the popular cartoon. Read more.
Podcast: The Public Commons
The News about
News Deserts
2022 All-America City Theme Announced
Public spaces are at the heart of strong communities, but what makes a space welcoming? In this TED Radio Hour, learn how we can improve physical & digital spaces. Hear from community organizer & Participatory Budgeting Project's Executive Director, Shari Davis who says, "That’s a powerful example of what happens when we do things like community-led decision making that allow community members to radically imagine what’s possible in a space, and then live into it.”
You’ve probably heard of the term “food deserts,” generally speaking, an area of a town or city where there are few, if any, places for people to buy nutritious food. But what is a “news desert?" News deserts have become an increasing problem over the years as changes in the technology and economics of media have led to the decline of traditional news gathering operations like daily newspapers, news magazines and quality broadcast news outlets.

In partnership with the Campaign for Grade-level Reading, the 2022 AAC theme will be Housing as a Platform for Equitable Learning Recovery. The 2022 awards will recognize communities that have engaged housing developments, organizations and agencies to accelerate equitable academic and economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Thinking ahead? The 2023 theme will involve the well-being of children and youth engagement. More details later. Learn more.
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