ORLANDO, FL, JULY 14, 2020 - "Rolling film on our first commercial since the Covid-19 pandemic began as a sign of good things to come," says Pamela Tuscany Vice President/General Manager of USF Production Group. "It went so perfectly," adds Frida Sellar, Executive Producer for In & Out Productions' 2020 Volkswagen distinctive Tiguan S 4motion model commercial.

"The producers took advantage of the fully dressed sets, unlimited access and natural lighting at our 5th Avenue location on the backlot," says USFPG Senior Manager, Production Jackie Maness, Jr. "Our client recognized our team's commitment to safe set practices, CDC guidelines of sanitation, temperature testing and answering questions about their health prior to set arrival. It was also great to see our Universal Orlando theme park guests enjoy the extra value of watching a commercial being filmed."

In an industry known to run hours behind schedule out of the gate, this shoot was ideal and to note that no one had lost their skills (or their sense of humor). Producer Sellar turned to her client at one point and noted: "We're four minutes behind schedule. Four minutes!" They broke out in laughter In & Out Productions is the production company for the project and is a full service media company with offices in Miami, Los Angeles and Mexico as they provide production services in all the Americas and beyond. CreativeOnDemanD is the agency of record for the production.

"2019 was an incredible year for the central Florida production community with two series; David Makes Man and The Right Stuff filming in our sound stages. However, this first production back was very special, and it feels so good to see the business return" says Pamela Tuscany.
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The Universal Studios Florida Production Group is made up of production professionals whose role is to assist all productions filming in the soundstages and on the Universal Orlando properties. USFPG is also responsible for booking and maintaining the production offices, support spaces, stages and crew parking to ensure everything is operating to a client's satisfaction. The Universal Studios Florida stages have hosted thousands of film, TV, and commercial productions since its inception in 1988. Please contact us at (877) 612-3737, or visit us at Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at #usfpg.  

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