Volume 184 | April 2018
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Interns and Your Business - The Legal Issues to Consider
Are you thinking of hiring an intern? If so there are a variety of legal issues to consider. Keeping current on compliance matters will ensure the company and interns get the most from the experience.   

EEOC Claims Are on the Rise. What to Expect if a Charge is Received
The most powerful way to avoid a future EEOC charge is to ensure your organization has updated anti-harassment, anti-discrimination as well as anti-retaliation policies in place. Additionally, employees and managers should be trained and understand these policies. 

An Employee, An Outsider, and a Giant Step Over the Line 
How would you handle an incident that included an employee, a manager, and an outside third party in an inebriated rage who provoked the manager to the point of physical aggression? You can't head off every odd occurrence, but there's wisdom to learn in the story that follows, especially when the issue of workplace violence is concerned.

Federal Appellate Court Rules Sexual Orientation IS Protected
In what may turn out to be the start of a significant shift among federal appellate courts, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Avoid the Hiring Minefield
Hiring a new employee should be easy, right? Wrong! With all of the laws governing the hiring process, there are a plethora of mistakes a hiring committee can make in the hiring process exposing the company to a potential claim. Read ahead to learn the six key tips to avoid the hiring minefield. 

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