Volume 183 | March 2018
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What Has the Latest Scandal Caused and What Can It Teach Your Company
As corporate, political, and elite entertainment circles are rocked by revelations on a daily basis, HR managers, owners, and CEOs at businesses of all sizes are scrambling to attempt to fix a problem that has been decades in the making.      

Why You Should Never Skip the Investigation Process
Even small-town businesses face big city problems. Such is the case for Paperco. Tom has worked for them for three years without any issues – no verbal warnings, write-ups, or performance concerns. He’s been a model employee, but that’s all about to change.

What You Need to Know: Form I-9 Compliance
Over the past year, there have been several changes to the Form I-9 process that have affected employers. With all of these changes, employers are concerned about being subject to ICE inspection and have a lot of questions about whether their onboarding practices fully comply with the Form I-9 requirements.

Terminations: Not an Easy Process
Terminating an employee for any reason is probably one of the most challenging aspects of your job. Most people like to avoid conflict - not tackle it head-on. Unfortunately, most managers will have to terminate an employee (or two or more) during their career.  

2017 EEOC Litigation Data Released
The EEOC recently released the national enforcement data for the 2017 fiscal year. According to this report, the total number of EEOC charges received in 2017 decreased from 91,503 received in 2016 to 84,254 received in 2017.

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