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There is so much going on it's overwhelming...yet we are still on a "break" from everything...unless we have our eyes open which thank God, many of us do. 

This is a really long news letter, so just jump to the subject of your choice from the below list:

1) Update on Our Lawsuit
2) Background on Our Current FCC Suit
3) New Legal Letter Demanding Re-Insurance Could Stop Future 5G and Other Wireless Roll Outs in Their Tracks
4) Study Shows Direct Correlation Between 5G and Cornoavirus
5) Important video Demonstrates Our RF Meters Absolutely Are Not Measuring the New Frequencies
6) My Congressional Run Results - Not So Bad ;)
7) Homework For You  ; )   FCC Filing for Comments Extended to June 3rd 8) 8) EHS In Action...Televised Interview Including Brain Fog/Dementia Symptoms from Microwave Radiation Poisoning (EHS) During Televised Interview, Plus Full Length Interview for Russian/Armenian Communities in LA, Also Broadcast in Armenia and Russia,
Plus 3 EXCELLENT VIDEOS - all of which are a MUST WATCH if you haven't already seen them.

NOTE: There are a few videos in this news letter.  I was asked to speak purposely slowly for the Armenian/Russian TV interview as English is their 2nd language.  You can increase the speed on any you tube by going to Settings, Playback Speed and then increase it to 1.25 or 1.5 for faster playback.

Dear All,
1) Update On Our Lawsuits
It's been quite a while because I had wanted my next email to you to contain our actual filing against the wireless industry and municipalities for installing 5G, but we still have one important and final piece to obtain for our legal foundation to be complete - we have been advised by too many attorneys to ignore, not to file this case in any court but the Northern CA District and thus are still seeking a plaintiff in this area.  Please contact us if you live in the Northern CA Court District, it is within your 30 days of your cities approval of the antenna, you have health effects you relate to your wireless radiation exposure or any pre-existing conditions that could be exacerbated by it and would like to sue to stop the antenna or small cell.  Attorneys fees and court costs covered by The Peoples Initiative Foundation (currently being updated).  Admittedly the Coronavirus threw a wrench in our timeline, but as things are opening up, we trust we will obtain the right plaintiff very soon.      
Re: 30 Day Shot Clock 
The reason it is important to try and obtain the Northern CA District plaintiff who is within their "30 day shot clock" is we all have 30 days from the day the antenna application is approved to file suit to stop it and per telecom law the courts must hear the case on an expedited basis if filed within this 30 day time period.  That means this case could take 6-9 months or so as opposed to 3-5 or more years to get a final ruling on 5G were we NOT to use a plaintiff within the 30 day shot clock law.  
2) Background On Our Current FCC Lawsuit and Status
We are also party to a different wireless radiation lawsuit against the FCC that you may have heard about that arose after our announcement of our intent to sue the FCC.  Although this lawsuit is necessary, even when we win (which we will) it only commands the FCC to go back and review the RF standards which could take a lot more time and even more lawsuits if they don't do a good job which we expect they won't.  It could even ultimately be switched to the correct agency, the FDA, which again might take more time and lawsuits.  Thus
our initial lawsuit against the telecoms and governments   is a much quicker path to victory/protection.  But here is the backstory on this necessary administrative lawsuit against the FCC and our involvement in it...

From 2008 to approx. 2015, give or take, although I knew my EHS/ microwave radiation poisoning was becoming worse and worse, I was still lobbying on this issue.  Our first citizens lobbying group, began in 2008, AmericanAssociationforCellPhoneSafety.org (website not maintained/updated) went to Washington and as a group met with approx. 56 reps in 2009/2010.  We were lobbying for The Childrens Wireless Protection Act, a bill calling for brain cancer warning labels on cell phones which was picked up by 5 states but never signed into law.  At the end of our lobbying that year, we were asked by multiple members of Congress to write a letter to the FDA and FCC Re: federal regulatory oversight of RF radiation emitting devices.  After sending this letter to the FCC and FDA, one of the Congressional offices we had met with, Ed Markey (heavily involved with The Telecom Act) also decided to write a letter to the GAO (Government Accountability Office) Re: the same issue of FCC oversight of RF emissions and asked for our assistance with the letter.  This letter is now conspicuously MISSING from his website.  Here is the press release from Markey that used to contain the letter we assisted with at the bottom of the page where it says "The letter to the GAO can be found HERE"...below is a screenshot of the missing letter.  We presume the letter was removed from (now Senator) Markeys website because of his current support of 5G.   We have reached out to Markeys office several times requesting a copy of the letter to no avail.  But I digress...after (then Congressman) Markey sent the letter to the GAO, the GAO then requested our input (along with a few other groups including the wireless industry) on their letter to the FCC re: RF "safety standards" in the US.  In that letter, the GAO asked the FCC to review and update the "safety" standards.  Here is a link to the overview and their report.  Needless to say, an outrageous 7 years past before the FCC decided no review or update was necessary on RF and tried to close the books on it.  Although this kind of behavior should be illegal, it isn't, and that has to change too - so much cleaning up of this mess is in order.  But this is why we are now suing the FCC, because their regulations are at the heart of the wireless nightmare we are now living and since our lobbying group and letters to the FCC and FDA helped jump start the inquiry into the FCC, we feel integrally and even morally obligated to see this request for revision of the RF standards through to the end to make sure ALL is disclosed to the public about harm from the various characteristics of non thermal emissions and not let the FCC skate on ANY of them.  We should have been able to sue them long ago...actually we shouldn't have to sue at all, there should be a pathway to justice without a lawsuit since most people can't afford them, but this system is hell bent on throwing road blocks up for average citizens who try take action to protect themselves from these disgusting companies that think nothing of maiming/killing millions with their products if they can turn a profit.  But I'm very happy we finally have the opportunity to now force the FCC to the "non thermal table".
In this filing, I am listed personally by name as opposed to under our non profit (currently being updated). The reason for this is our attorneys (the ones who worked on and helped win the recent NEPA ruling) felt I added something to the suit as an individual that as a non profit I could not, and that is my personal experience of health effects directly related to my wireless radiation exposure.  Although I would have much preferred to file under the non profit name, I did see the value of citing my health effects of microwave radiation poisoning (aka electrohypersensitivity/EHS) including debilitating migraine headaches, loss of energy, heart arrhythmia, ringing in the ears, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, kidney problems and cancer, from antenna exposure.  No one in the lawsuit with EHT being the lead plaintiff was citing these kinds of serious health effects so both the attorneys and I felt it important to make sure it went into the record and was brought before a judge.  This FCC lawsuit however, once won, will only force the FCC to re-visit the RF standards....this whole process with the FCC review could take years and may ultimately be transferred to the FDA.  This is why suing the wireless industry and municipalities directly, is so important...our suits against the industry and municipalities will take months as opposed to the current one against the FCC which could take years to finally for them to revise the "safety standards" to include non thermal effects and may ultimately be transferred to the FDA.   
Although we had intended to file against the FCC with our current cell tower attorneys, we had only 60 days within which to respond and they were unable to do so in a timely manner since their specialty is cell towers and utilities as opposed to regulatory agencies like the FCC.  So instead of paying $100,000 to another law firm and doing our very own suit, we simply joined forces with others who were also filing suit during this small window of time.      
Although I do love, admire and respect RFK (a personal hero of mine) and CHD who are also suing the FCC as plaintiffs along with EHT as lead plaintiff in the current case against the FCC in which I am also named as a plaintiff, recently CHD filed to have this FCC suit transferred to a different jurisdiction than where our attorneys had filed, in the DC court.  In our opinion this was a misguided filing and a COLOSSAL waste of money (costing tens of thousands of dollars extra - money we did not have to waste and which could have been spent on the case itself) since our attorneys clearly filed prior to CHD, thereby claiming jurisdiction.  The DC court is also where our attorneys won the NEPA ruling and many other victories against the FCC as of late have transpired there.  Our attorneys recently prevailed against CHD in this filing so now both cases are being consolidated under our attorney, Ed Myers as the lead attorney and will remain in the DC court.  We do look forward to collaborating with CHD on this suit moving forward and truly hope to avoid any other unnecessary expenditures. 
3) New Legal Letter Demanding Re-Insurance Could Stop Future 5G and Other Wireless Roll Outs in Their Tracks
Although this has not yet been adjudicated in a court of law, it is being acted upon by some here in Southern CA and seems to be a very promising legal action...require that your municipality obtain POLLUTION LIABILITY INSURANCE from the wireless carriers who are installing.  The city may actually be obligated to require the companies they have allowed to expose their constituents to toxic pollutants as part of their business model (which wireless radiation is and has been classified as such by the re-insurance companies) in case people get sick and/or die.  We are in the process of updating our non profit website so I posted it on one of our citizens lobbying websites in the interim.  Here is an explanation of the law on this and copy of  a sample letter to LA County.    
Here is also a video where Paul McGavin interviews attorney Mark Pollack.  Marks comments on this new legal strategy starts at 6:37 ends at 13:40  Paul provides some excellent info before and after the above in and out points, but I respectfully disagree that lowering the power would solve all our problems...yes it would solve some but not all.  Attorney Mark Pollacks contact email is mpollack@pollackandjames.com

5) Important video Demonstrates Our RF Meters Absolutely Are Not Measuring the New Frequencies
Please watch this important new video demonstrating how the newer frequencies absolutely are not being measured on our old meters!  This very dangerous to people who either have immune system problems, cancer, are pregnant, elderly, etc., etc.  We desperately need new meters and new shielding to block these new frequencies until we can make them illegal.   I JUST TESTED THIS LINK AND IT APPEARS THIS VID HAS BEEN PULLED...I HAVE REACHED OUT TO THE AUTHOR, NICK PENEAULT TO TRY AND GET HIM TO PUT IT BACK UP. 
6) My Congressional Voting Results
I recently finished my run for Congress on the issue of health effects, privacy invasion and Constitutional violations of 5G and everything else our government refuses to acknowledge even exists but has detrimental impact on us and the environment.  I started late (3 whole months late) and the run time was cut short (CA was left out of the voting process last election due to Trumps electoral college win before CAs votes were even counted, so they moved the election date up).  By the time I got the gumption up to get out there in my full shielding suit and start campaigning, 3 months had gone by.  I had no experience with running for office, but incredibly enough, I came in 2nd place for the Democrats, right under the incumbent (our current Congressman) and 3rd place overall - there is almost always a run off between the top Democrat and Republican, so coming in right under my Congressman for the Democrats was very telling, as a vote for me was CLEARLY a vote against 5G since my Congressional website was  LizNo5GforCongress.comThis tells me people are getting wise to what is going on with wireless and health effects and they don't like it!  A total of 15,180 or over 7% of voters in my district absolutely do not want 5G!  Below are the voting results in a graph... 
I think more of us need to start running for office and REPLACING these creeps who keep suppressing our right to health, life, liberty, privacy and property.  When it comes time for the next round of new elections (after the upcoming general election) I will be holding a conference call on how to run for office, what mistakes I made, how to avoid them, what to do, what not to do and mostly I'd like to encourage people to start taking this kind of responsibility in their own areas...imagine if we had hundreds of pro health, anti 5G candidates and/or whatever other toxic garbage - there is so much to choose from.  Some of us would actually win!  We simply HAVE to start stacking the political deck in our favor.  And if I can run for office being electrosensitive, you can too!  :)  It's true I didn't get elected, but I felt I won anyway because word got out to so many people who never knew anything about 5G...now they do.  I also put my Congressman on notice about this issue and exposed  him to his constituents, most of whom had no idea about his corruption and willingness to let people get sick and die from radiation because of the money the wireless industry gives him.  Maybe he will think twice about not helping us (doubtful). 

7) Homework For You  ; )   FCC Filing for Comments Extended to June 3rd 
The due date for comments on the FCCs recent filing was pushed back to June 3rd which gives overwhelmed people like myself and others a little leeway.  It is clear they like to make it super complicated to discourage people from filing.  
Click on this link to read the lies the FCC is attempting to propagate onto the public in Proceeding 19-226

My filing is still not complete or I would include a link to it here.

Problems in a Nutshell when commenting on this proceeding are: 
  • The FCC is still using heat as the basis for measurement of harm from wireless radiation emitting devices and infrastructure as opposed to non thermal effects (pulse modulation, frequency and low power density) and this does not protect human or environmental health.  
  • They are wanting to now include millimeter wave (5G) in this inaccurate way of measuring
  • They are also wanting to include "wireless charging".
    Similar to cell towers, EVERYTHING in the vicinity of the wireless charger will be "charged" - including you of course.
  • They also are trying to still count the ear (pinnea) as an external or non essential organ.  This is ridiculous and dangerous.
Ou r attorney, Ed Myers says we should use the phrase "incorporated by reference" to ensure the FCC includes your scientific references in their consideration of changes.  You should include an abstract of a study or two to back your claims up or they won't be legally obligated to look into it. 
Special thanks to Joel Moskowitz for the below instruction, which I edited down...

Click on this link then click "Standard Filing" to upload attachments (which contain your comments and/or scientific papers) or "Express Comment" if you simply want to make a comment. 

For "Proceeding(s)" - type in 19-226

Fill in all the required fields and click on "email confirmation" for proof of your submission.  I would also take a screen shot of your confirmation# just in case.

Your submission should appear on the FCC website within 1-2 business days.


8) Media coverage including brain fog/dementia symptoms from microwave radiation poisoning (EHS) on LIVE Television
This is painful for me to watch because both myself and the woman who did the interview with me, were looking forward to this interview from a Russian/Armenian TV station.  Lucia Moon is a well known Armenian singer who contacted me to go on this show with her after her video of a huge cell tower in her neighborhood received a lot of attention.  Unfortunately, she had me go to the cell tower with her and measure it right before the interview.  I did request we measure it after the interview but she wanted results prior to our appearance on the show in case the subject came up.  I should have put my foot down and just simply refused but I didn't want to upset her right before the interview.  However, I paid the price.  My symptoms came on quickly...sever migraine, dizziness, loss of energy and what felt like dementia like symptoms as is evidenced in the below video.  Our interview was immediately after measuring the tower so I had to actually get up and leave in the middle of the interview because I couldn't use my brain and think and was also not feeling well.  This has never happened to me, but it was an incredible example in real time of what this radiation does to someone who is EHS.  Fortunately they were able to cut out the part out where I turned into an early Alzheimers patient.  I left Lucia with my notes, she read my answers to their questions and handled it all like a pro, so much so, that another Russian/Armenian station asked her to come on and conduct the interview with me at their station, plus the original station agreed to have us back after the lock down which was very understanding of them!  Since they don't speak English very well, Lucia asked me to speak more slowly.  Here is the interview where I had to leave...
And here is the full interview for the 2nd station where Lucia herself interviewed me.  Hopefully it wasn't too slow but you can speed it up by going to Settings on the lower right corner of the vid and them pressing 1.25 or 1.5 to speed it up.
You may have already seen these incredible videos but just in case you haven't...   
I don't usually do this but I copied it onto my own Youtube channel because I couldn't figure out how to get it out of from it's embedded state in my FB Messenger...
And finally, I leave you with someone who made a video about my take on the Coronavirus...this Video on the lock down is priceless.
Special thanks for materials from: MomsAcrossAmerica.com, Scientists4WiredTech.com, SaferEMR.com, Jennifer Woods, Lucia Moon, Nick Pinault and Tommie Teeple  
With love, light and gratitude,

Liz Barris
http://thepeoplesinitiative.org/ (currently in process of being updated)