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Our March Newsletter
A recent view of a corner of our shop
March 14, 2023. It's been snowing since 8:00 on Monday evening and, as we write this, our generator is providing us with power. Because of intermittent outages, we've re-booted our wi-fi network several times. So far, the snow is 18 inches deep in our driveway, and the forecast is calling for another 12 - 16 hours of wet, heavy precipitation. But we're inside, safe and warm, and tomorrow's temperature is predicted to rise above 40. Maple sugaring season has begun, and spring can't be too far away.

It's been a very good winter, starting with our November online opening and our December Gift Fest. The New York show was up to its usual standard, and regular visitors to our website and followers on Instagram have kept us busy - and happy.

The Spring Fox Valley show was last weekend, and we had a good show, mostly thanks to regular customers. We've added the few remaining pieces from the show to the galleries on our website. You can view these pieces by clicking the link in the "New Listings" section, below.

Although the antiques business changed greatly during the pandemic, particularly with the appearance and success of virtual shows, in the post-Covid world live shows seem to be coming back, and buyers are savoring the face-to-face dealing upon which this business has always been based. Although our years of loading our van and driving to a show several times a month are (happily) behind us, we're hoping that our shop can again be a center for live events.

To this end, beginning on May 7 we plan to re-open on a more-or-less regular basis. Our plan is to be open "most Sundays" and for special events. Of course, calling ahead is still a good idea, but we very much hope that our shop will once again be a destination. We miss seeing you in person.

We're making preparations for our upcoming trip to England and the Continent. We've booked an exciting journey; in addition to our business connections in London and the south of England, we've booked short stays in Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. We’re particularly excited to have our tickets for the Vermeer exhibition at the Rijksmuseum, which sold out three days after opening in February. Fans of Vermeer's paintings can look forward to seeing pictures from this once in a lifetime show in our April newsletter.
This month's New Listings
There are a few new entries on our website this month - furniture, jewelry, and smalls - that were first shown last weekend in the Fox Valley show. If you missed the show, you might like to have a look at them. Just click the screenshot above.
Our 2023 Spring Post-England Opening
On May 6 and 7 we'll be offering many of our latest finds in our 2023 Spring Opening. The weekend will begin at 10 a.m. with an email to all subscribers, and then at noon we'll open our doors to in-person shoppers for the rest of the weekend. We'll evaluate the success of this first step as we consider adjustments to the format of future openings. Please mark the dates on your calendar.
Looking to the future
As the effects of the pandemic continue to recede, we're re-thinking the ways by which we post our newest acquisitions. Since many of our readers watch our newsletters for news of shows, sales, and other events, we will continue these monthly emails as long as we remain in business.

But we're making a few changes in the way we present new offerings. Here's a summary of what you can expect to see in the next fifteen months.

May 6 - 7: Spring Post-England Opening (Online and live in Conway)
June 6: June Newsletter with new stock listings
(Dates TBA): August  Tax Holiday sale
October 21 - 22:  The Fall Fox Valley Show (Online only)
November 4 - 5: Fall Post-England Show (Online and live in Conway)
December 1 - 23: December Gifting Sale (Online and live in Conway)
January 26 - 28?: The New York Virtual Antiques Show (Online only)
February 6:  February Newsletter with new stock listings
April 27 - 28: Spring Post-England Opening (Online and live in Conway)
May 14: May Newsletter with new stock listings
June 4:  June Newsletter with new stock listings
Pippin's Page
A new photo of Pippin this month, illustrating that he is beginning to turn grey - just like his people. With age comes confidence and, if you click his picture, you'll see a rare shot of Pippin surveying his kitchen.
The Back Page
Perhaps because we were smaller then, but the New England snowstorms we've experienced during the past two or three decades don't seem to compare with what we considered normal in the 1950's. This week's nor'Easter, on the other hand, brought us back to that earlier time. It felt the way winter used to feel - difficult, trying, but starkly beautiful. And, at this end of the season, temporary.

Hoping that this will be the season's last, we've tried to capture its beauty and drama in a four-minute video, incorporating a bit of seasonal music by Diana Krall and John Clayton, scored as Duke Ellington might have. Click the picture to watch.
Stay safe and be well.
John & Jan