Dear Friends,

When we think of first responders, we think of police and firefighters, but we also should include nonprofit staff and volunteers. At Meals on Wheels Diablo Region we are not dealing with the medical issues raised by COVID-19, but we are helping to meet the essential needs of those most at-risk. Delivering meals to seniors’ homes seems like a relatively simple act, by reading below you’ll learn just how complicated it can be.
Our first response effort would not be possible without the volunteers who have stepped forward to help us during this time. Every day they don masks and gloves and go into the community to deliver meals to those who depend on us. Thanks to partners like US Bank and Domino’s we can say a small “thank you” to those who help—because what is better after a long day of delivering meals than a free pizza?
Being sheltered at home reinforces how important it is we connect with others. At Meals on Wheels Diablo Region this need to be part of a community has highlighted the digital divide that exists for the people we serve. Most of us take for granted that we have a computer and the internet, but many of the seniors we serve cannot afford this connection when they need it most.

Thanks to the incredible support of donors and community partners, we are now able to help seniors bridge this divide so they can communicate with their family and friends during this time of social distancing.

We are privileged to be the first responders who carry out the work needed by the seniors we serve. Thank you for all you do to make that possible.