May 2020
Dedicated to saving the precious lives of newborns from the dangers of
abandonment and assisting pregnant girls/women in crisis.
News from A Safe Haven for Newborns
Dear Safe Haven for Newborns Friend,

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  • Our Mission Continues 365 Days a Year
  • Fundraising Events Placed on Hold
  • Thank You from Nick
Our Mission Continues 365 Days a Year
During these past two months, we have remained active in our dedication to render assistance to the pregnant women in need and their newborn. Following the recommendations of the CDC to safeguard from the COVID-19 virus, we have taken precautions to ensure a safe work environment and have kept the office open to continue to strive towards our goal — end infant abandonment.

And we have been busy. So far this year, our Safe Haven family has grown by three precious souls; bringing the Safe Haven family count to 319 newborns — 313 in Florida, five in other states, and one in Honduras. These precious babies, some now children and pre-teens, have a home and a future. Three-hundred nineteen families will celebrate this Mother's Day and will remember the birth mom who made the valiant decision to give her newborn a chance at a life that she could not give them.

The Safe Haven for Newborns program (more often than not) is the safety net for the desperate pregnant women who feeling they have nowhere to turn can endanger the life of their baby once it is born. We are there for her and her unborn child. Just one act of despair can have grave consequences. For the birth mother, from committing an unthinkable act that could have criminal repercussions and for the newborn from being left abandoned in an unsafe place to potentially die.

Not all calls are from expectant mothers who are thinking of surrendering their newborn. We are currently assisting a pregnant woman who reached out to Safe Haven. After receiving the support and counseling through our network of partnered agencies, she has decided that she will keep her baby. She is due any day now.

This year, there will be three families whose Mother’s Day will be extra special as they celebrate this special day with their recent addition to the family. Enjoy your first Mother's Day, Valentina, Darryl, and Trip! 
Fundraising Events Placed on Hold
As you know, the majority of the funds used to provide the services we offer are raised at our three annual events. But, because of the difficult circumstances that we are all experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic we made the very difficult, but correct, decision to postpone all of our fundraising events for this year, 2020.

I will miss catching up with you at the gala, golf tournament, and the 5K run/walk. Some of you might remember the gala last year when Gloria Hope, now a 17-year-old teenager, sang our National Anthem. And who could forget the moving message that Milagros, a 13-year-old, wrote that had us all in tears. There were so many other moving moments, but the most moving of all was seeing every one of you there supporting us.
We will resume our fundraising events — The 10 th  Annual A Wonderland in Safe Haven, the 4 th  Annual Tee Off for a Cause, and the 6 th  Annual 5K Run/Walk — in 2021. As the world returns to what will be the new normal, we will keep you abreast of the new dates as they become available. We look forward to raising a glass, teeing off, and running across the finish line together next year.
Thank you all for believing
in what we do.

Please consider supporting our mission through
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