Tracy W. is a familiar face to staff and participants of several UCP programs in Lewistown. A warm, outgoing individual, she is constantly looking for opportunities to share her caring nature with staff and peers alike. Valentine’s Day 2019 was no exception. On a day dedicated to demonstrations of love, kindness, caring, and appreciation, Tracy made a point of handing out sweet treats--lollipops, Skittles, and chocolates--to everyone around her.

Tracy, age 25, has been involved with UCP for going on seven years, even prior to graduating from Mifflin County High School in 2013. Today she lives with two housemates in a UCP-staffed residence in Lewistown, and is actively involved in UCP’s Community Participation Supports (CPS) program there.

What she likes most about the home is sharing life with her housemates. During an interview for this story, Tracy was excited to show photo prints of her recent “Night to Shine” experience. She attended the annual special needs prom with Randy, one of her housemates. Both were dressed head to toe in black and white, and each wore a crown--they were two of over 100,000 “kings and queens” from 24 countries around the world who were celebrated that evening. Tracy said she had a “really fun” time and that “Randy even danced.”

When asked what she likes best about her time in the CPS program, Tracy says without hesitation “seeing my friends, hanging out with them, and going out...” [into the community to enjoy new experiences.] A motivated self-starter, Tracy takes great pride in having become self-medicating over the past year; she was happy to demonstrate this skill when it came time to give herself her noon-time dose. Tracy also routinely volunteers to help CPS staff in program... whether it’s preparing lunches for participants, taking part in delivering lessons, or simply engaging her peers.

“I was the residential manager of Noerr Lane when Tracy moved there during the summer of 2012, and we have maintained a close relationship over the years,” says Jessica Ranck, Supervisor at CPS Lewistown. “She has truly blossomed from the day we first met. She not only takes great pride in accomplishing skills that enhance her independence, but she loves ‘volunteering’ her time in the program to help her peers increase their independence as well.”

In other words, without putting a name to it, Tracy models love without limits... day in and day out.

With that in mind, we’d love to hear how you show "LOVE Without Limits" each day… as a UCP staff person, a volunteer, an advocate, a financial supporter, or simply our Facebook friend. We invite you ALL to participate in defining – in acts both big and small – what love without limits looks like UCP-style!

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