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May 2019                                                                                  Issue # 99
Golf Season Is Finally Here!

For those people that don't get to head south during the winter to keep their golf game going, it's finally the start of golf season here in New England. If you are like most people, those first few rounds of the year can be a little rough as your body starts to get used to the golf swing again. Having good mobility is a huge part of having a good golf swing, so before you hit the course this year be sure to work on your mobility. It's a good idea to keep it going the whole golf season too! Our Plymouth team has some avid golfers and they have put together a great set of videos to help you get (and stay) flexible for golf. Click here to be taken to our YouTube page. If videos aren't your thing, click here for a quick set of stretches to try in a printable format. If you have pain or a real loss in mobility, come into one of clinics for an evaluation so you can get a custom program just for you. Good luck with your golf season!
All About Meniscus Tears

One injury we commonly rehabilitate is meniscus tears in the knee. There are many ways that you can sustain a tear (sports, a fall, degeneration), but physical therapy is always a great place to start your recovery. Recent studies have shown that in many cases, surgery isn't required to regain full function and that those that had physical therapy instead of surgery had great outcomes. This is in addition to saving both the cost and time for a post surgical recovery. There are still cases where surgery is the way to go, but physical therapy is still just as important after that surgery. To learn all you wanted to know and more about meniscus injuries, click on the image above. If you have a meniscus injury (or suspect you have one), our experts can help get you on the right course of treatment.

May Is National Posture Month

Remember your mother always telling you to "stand up straight" and to "sit up straight". Turns out she was on to something. Today people spend more time sitting at computers, or slumped over their tablets and phones. We regularly work with people that have started to develop pain and limitations simply because their postural muscles aren't either flexible enough or strong enough to support them. After a few years of slumping, it may not be as easy as to "stand up straight" anymore. Celebrate National Posture Month by doing a simple self test at home. If you fail the tests, you may just need some help from a physical therapist to restore your mobility and strength so you can follow your mothers advice with ease!  Click here for the self tests, or, to learn more about the importance of posture, click on the image.
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