Extreme Response International News | Dec. 2019
2020 Vision: Be Part of Something Bigger Than Ourselves!
Are you ready to begin an ambitious journey that's a little scary and bigger than all of us? Jump on board because we need you. Our five-year plan calls for 15 Dream Centers (3 in 2020-21), several new Livelihood Programs and new Leadership Summits - all designed to provide pathways to hope for vulnerable people to help them escape generational poverty. To get started, we've launched the Pathways To Hope Matching Funds campaign to build the resources needed. $175,000 is pledged by ER supporters to match your donations dollar-for-dollar through Dec. 31 . Learn how you can get involved in our Pathways To Hope plans or donate now.
Four Radically Transformed Lives
How do you measure success? ER looks for radically changed lives - better health, grades, livelihood skills, income generation and futures filled with hope. Here are four examples.
Shy Loner Helps Her Family

Michie arrived at our sewing and pattern-making class fraught with fear. Would she keep up? Would it be worth the effort? Lacking skills and resources, 29-year-old Michie’s future resembled cloth and thread – lots of potential, but needing work to transform into something beautiful.

ER staff saw Michie’s potential. They loved and encouraged Michie while teaching her the skills to become a first-rate seamstress. She’s making friends and becoming productive.
Today, Michie is applying what she learned to make products for sale, such as handbags and cleaning rags, along with repairing garments. She is generating income for her family and helping pay for her son's studies. Read Michie's story .
Girl Overcomes Grim Start to Become Star Pupil
Meet seven-year-old Aziza* (named changed), born into a broken family in a settlement in South Africa. Somehow, Aziza survived, despite her mom’s inability to care for her. But she was left with poor health and concentration. Her future was bleak.
Enter her grandmother. She prayed for Aziza to survive and be used greatly in her community. She did her best to care for Aziza and enrolled her in

ER's Dream Center after-school program.
ER staff and volunteers have poured passionately into Aziza. With their support, she has become a star pupil who just completed her first 100-book reading challenge. She’s thriving academically and her future is filled with hope! Read Aziza's story.
Lovable Rouge Does Shocking Turnaround
Miguel* (named changed) is no newcomer to our Quito After-School Program. This 12-year-old has been with us for four years. He’s one of our lovable rogues. Some days he drives us crazy with his tough-guy attitude. He talks back, struggles academically and lacks motivation. We love him regardless. Like many kids whose parents work as recyclers in the Quito Dump, his life is a pressure cooker of poverty, alcohol abuse and low education.

Miguel completed sixth grade and a miracle happened. In the final two months of school he did a 180. He completed all his homework and even reached out to an ER tutor for help...and he started demonstrating respect, patience and joy. We’re in a little bit of shock. We celebrate what God is doing in his life and the sweet fruit we are seeing. The investment in Miguel is paying off. His future overflows with hope. Read Miguel's story.
Mom of Eight Chooses Rags Over Riches
Something amazing is taking place in ER’s Golden Hands Livelihood program. Six women living in hardship are finding joy, peace and answered prayers after trusting God with their livelihoods.

Connie exemplifies this impact. She’s 50, has eight kids, is separated from her husband and lives in an impoverished community. She struggles to support her family, working as a caregiver, nanny and a housekeeper. The work left her so exhausted she developed pneumonia and asthma. Despite the physical toll, she kept working.

Then she heard about Golden Hands’ eight-month sewing course and saw the possibility of working from home. The agency employing her demanded her to choose: housekeeping or Golden Hands? Connie chose Golden Hands, but cried all night. ER gave her fabric and lent her a sewing machine to make cleaning rags to sell.

“I only have one life. In my housekeeping job I was losing my health and time with my kids," Connie said. "I will not exchange my life and health for a good salary.” Connie is making cleaning rags and bags out of old shirts and plans to make children’s shorts to sell. She’s happier, healthier and on a pathway to hope! Read Connie's story.
Christmas in Action in South Africa, Ecuador, Philippines
Volunteers have gathered today with ER staff and partners in Cape Town, Quito and Manila to share the joy of Christmas with thousands of vulnerable people living in local settlements. For some families, these Outreaches are the only opportunities they'll have to celebrate Christmas. We'll play games, do crafts, paint fingernails and faces, provide snacks and share the Christmas story daily for the next week. Watch Facebook and Instagram to see our Christmas teams in action.

#givingtuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people to transform their communities and the world. ER has huge plans to help vulnerable women and kids transform in 2020. We need your help to accomplish this. Would you choose ER as your Giving Tuesday charity and donate to our Year-End Campaign? Click here to donate. Designate your gift “Matching Funds”.
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