'Step Up for Our Youth' Debuts
Hello, friend.

Thanks to all of you who were able to join us for Wednesday's United Way of Northern Arizona luncheon. If you weren't able to attend, we wanted to share with you the exciting announcement about the new direction UWNA will be pursuing - now and in the future.

Welcome to your new United Way of Northern Arizona , where we
Step Up to invest in the Power and Potential of Successful, Resilient Youth .

Our focus will now be primarily dedicated to partnerships, initiatives and programs that help children from birth through age 18. This shift in purpose is part of a continued evolution for our organization, which has a long history of promoting and supporting youth-oriented programs and initiatives.
In the past year, UWNA has taken a hard look at our organization to determine what was working, what wasn’t, and what we needed to do to create lasting change across the communities we serve. The conclusion was that UWNA needed to sharpen its focus in order to expand its impact.

Under the banner of Step Up for Our Youth we'll be working with agencies we've partnered with in the past as well as new organizations dedicated to the goal of investing in youth.
An investment in our youth through UWNA is an investment in keeping our community healthy and thriving for generations to come.  This new focus will begin in Flagstaff, expanding in the future to the other communities served by UWNA.

Together, we can support effective cradle-to-career pathways for our youth. By rallying around our collective purpose, we will increase workforce development, economic and social development, and our quality of life. UWNA will research and support organizations that share our common purpose –successful, resilient youth – thereby increasing your investment.

Together, we can move the needle on greater outcomes.
Support a child and you can change the world. 
Together, we will improve lives and create
a healthy, thriving community.