We Wish You a Happy & Healthy 2017
Welcome to the Miracle League of CT's brand new newsletter.  Many of you have received our old newsletter "Basepaths" by snail mail in the past.  In order to reduce costs so that we can put more money back into programming, we will now be sending out our newsletter via email.  You may have noticed that our newsletter is without a name yet.  We are hoping that you can help.  We will be having a "Name our Newsletter" contest.  Please send your suggestions by replying to this email.  The name should be short (1-3 words) and reflect what the Miracle League of CT is all about - providing recreational, educational and cultural opportunities for children with special needs and their families. All entries must be received by January 15th 11:59pm.  The winning suggestion will receive a $50 Dunkin' Donuts gift card. 
Our plan is to send out the newsletter at least bi-monthly, more often if warranted.  Please take a few minutes to read through it.  There is news about the coming spring baseball season, our next session of adapted swim lessons, upcoming special events and much more.  We hope that you enjoy the new format, please feel free to share any suggestions that you have for future editions. 

Registration Open on Jan 1 for Spring Baseball
It's time to sign up for the 2017 Miracle League of CT Spring Baseball season.  Games begin on Sunday April 23rd and continue each Sunday until June 11th.        We ask for your help by signing up early.  It takes lots of work to organize the teams and order the uniforms, your early registration will make it much easier.    Click HERE for more information and to register        
Adapted Swim Lessons March 4-25 Registration Open on Jan. 1
Our next session of Miracle League Adapted Swim lessons will begin on Saturday March 4th and will run 4 weeks until March 25th.  The lessons which will be held at the JCC on the Bloomfield/West Hartford border are designed for beginners.  We focus on getting the children comfortable and safe in and around the water.  All swimmers must be accompanied by a parent or other designated adult in the water during the lessons.  Please visit our website for more information and to register by clicking HERE.
Baseball Buddies Needed for Spring Baseball Season
We need your help!  The Miracle League of CT Baseball program depends on the kindness and commitment of it's volunteer buddies.  Buddies help the players in whatever way they may need on the field during our games.  You do not need to be a baseball player in order to be a buddy.  All it takes is your desire to interact with children with special needs and a desire to have some fun!  Please visit our website for more information and to register as a buddy for the 2017 spring season by clicking HERE
Sensory Friendly Days at The CT Science Center
The Miracle League of CT is proud to be the presenting sponsor for the CT Science Center's Sensory Friendly programming.  Come out to visit the newly redesigned areas at the Science Center in a sensory friendly setting.  Volumes will be lowered and bright lights will be toned down.  Any non-sensory friendly exhibits will be identified on these days.  Visit the CT Science Center website by clicking HERE to purchase your discounted tickets for these special days.  There are a total of four sensory friendly days scheduled, two on weekdays intended for class trips but open to all and two on weekend days designed for families to attend.  Be among the first to check out the new look and new exhibits at the CT Science Center. 
Player Profile
Meet Michael Ribera
Michael Ribera is an 11 year old from Cromwell, CT.  He lives with his parents, Meagan and Bob, and his younger sister, Emma.  He also has a dog, Cooper James, who he loves and adores.  Michael enjoys listening to, and singing along with, the music of R5.  He has seen them in concert and is completely obsessed with the band.  Michael is in the sixth grade at Cromwell Middle School.  He has a wonderful group of friends who are always there to support and encourage him. Michael is an amazingly brave little boy who has been faced with many challenges throughout the past 11 years.  Michael was born completely blind in his right eye and extremely nearsighted in his left and has worn glasses since he was 5 months old.  He has a number of cardiac issues and is watched closely by his cardiologist to be sure that his body continues to adjust to the deformities with which he was born.  Michael was also born with very low muscle tone and was not able to take his first independent steps until he was 2 ½ years old.  A few years ago, Michael was also diagnosed with Scoliosis and is monitored to ensure that the curvature of his spine does not worsen.  When Michael was four, and still not talking, his speech therapists diagnosed him with Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  He continues to work very hard on both his sentence structure and his word articulation.  One of the most recent diagnoses that Michael has received is an immune disorder called hypogammaglobulinemia.  This disorder makes it impossible for Michael’s body to make the antibodies it needs to fight infection, which was the reason for Michael’s chronic illness for the first eight years of his life.  Now, one day of each month, Michael is admitted to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and receives an infusion of immunoglobulin. With these monthly infusions, Michael has been able to stay healthy and active and is no longer missing out on all the fun that life has to offer. One of Michael’s favorite things to do with his time is to play baseball with the Miracle League. His first season playing was summer of 2014 when he joined the Rockhounds.  Since then, he has played the summer leagues as well as the Fall Ball.  Michael loves everything about the Miracle League…the uniform, the field, the equipment bag, and, mostly, Coach Mike!  Michael also loves being out on the field, without his mom and dad, and being given the chance to hit the baseball just like he had seen his friends do at their games.  Michael loves having a buddy to help him during the game.  After each game, Michael has his picture taken with his buddy and has them sign his baseball glove.  As parents, it has been amazing to watch our son succeed at a sport we thought he would never be able to play due to both his physical and cognitive limitations.  Since joining the Miracle League family, Michael has also participated in a number of opportunities other than baseball that are offered to the players.  He has taken part in the I Can Bike camps and has successfully learned how to ride a two-wheel bike independently.  He has enjoyed going to the Trick-or-Treat event on the field at Halloween with his sister and all the other Miracle League players and families. He recently had a wonderful time at the CT Science Center with other Miracle League Families.  Michael and his family are so very thankful for the Miracle League and all of the love they have been shown over the years.  It is so much more than just a baseball team.  It is a place where our family feels connected to the other players and their families and can feel comfortable that our son is accepted for who he is.  We are grateful for all the friends we have made and the bonds that Michael has made with the other children.  We are also grateful for all the volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to these remarkable children in hopes of giving them the best experience possible.  We look forward to being part of the Miracle League for many more years to come!
Please Donate to the Miracle League of CT
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The Miracle League is a registered 501 3(c) not for profit corporation.  Your donations may be considered tax deductible. 
Dates to Remember
Below you will find some important dates about exciting things we will cover in the next issue.  The best way to keep up with all that is going on is to "Like" our Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook icon below or by visiting our website by clicking HERE
  • 2/25 - Parents' Night
  • 3/15 - Registration opens for 2017 iCan Bike program
  • 4/22 - DJ Dance Party on the Miracle League Field
  • 5/26 & 6/3 - Sensory Friendly performances of Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat at Playhouse on Park
  • 6/6 - Miracle League of CT Golf Classic
  • 6/10- An Evening of Miracles
Miracle League of CT Mission Statement & Policies
                           Our Mission Statement                          

The Miracle League of CT provides opportunities for Connecticut’s children with physical and cognitive challenges to participate in recreational, educational and cultural activities in an accessible, nurturing and noncompetitive environment where families can come together to cultivate new friendships and experience the joy of play.

Our Program Policies

Most Miracle League programs are open to children with any physical, cognitive or developmental challenges ages 4-21.  Some programs have alternate age restrictions and will be noted on our website and registration materials.  Many of our special events are open to the children and their families and will be noted on any promotional materials as such.                                                                                                                         The Miracle League is all about removing barriers for children with special needs so that they can participate in recreational, educational and cultural activities as any of their friends or siblings do.  We recognize that sometimes those barriers may involve financial difficulties that a family may be going through.  We do our best to subsidize most costs for our programs in order to keep them affordable.  If you find that you may need a fee waiver or scholarship for any of our programs we encourage you to contact us by email with your request at info@miracleleaguect.org. All requests will be kept strictly confidential. We are happy to work with all of our families in order to be sure that every child who wants to participate is able to .