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Our website has a new look and our consultant team is growing by leaps and bounds as are our services.  You told us what you needed and we heard you! While we will forever miss one of our co-founders, Laura Jackson, she would be pleased to see we have continued with our initial dream of making Aesthetics 360 a long term success. I remember speaking to a well known industry consultant our first year in business and he said 'Where do you want to be in five years?' I remember thinking, 'Well I want to still be in business! It's not easy starting your own company.' Mission accomplished, we are still here, bigger and better but with the same core values. Laura and I set aside time every year to discuss our business strategy. Some times this was difficult as our ideas may have varied. This happens in many multi physician owned practices we visit, but the important thing is to never lost sight of the mission. Both friends and colleagues, I am happy to say we were  able to evolve, adapt and create an elite team of individuals who work in tandem with a common goal.  Stay tuned for more fun with A360 and meet our growing team below. Don't forget to visit us at ASCRS at AMO University. More to come on the fun for L.A.!
Thank you,
Christine Lapointe
Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Aesthetics 360
Business Coaching
  “Business Coaching is a process applied to improve an organizations’ performance and simultaneously promote, accelerate and manage change.”

Today, businesses are faced with a complex dimension of challenges.  Doctors and their teams are faced with new situations which did not belong to their corporate world until recently. These situations impact their organizations and trickle down through their team and the patient experience.  People become inconsistent in their mood, endure uncertainty, often feel they are in a state of conflict and are burdened with large concerns of insecurities towards future business and living expenses. Meet our coach Flavio Ferracuti, MBA.
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Meet our marketing strategist and consultant for both Ophthalmology and Dental, Rosemary Repar, MBA.

Technology is changing faster than we can manage to keep up. The means in which we communicate with each other continues to evolve and can differ significantly amongst generations. There is an age group that continues to respond to traditional marketing and advertising but there is another population that wants solutions to their problems instantaneously. If you are not able to meet the needs of all your patients, your competitors will.  Google refers to some of these communications as Micro-Moments. These moments are real time opportunities for any company or practice that is reaching out with a message and or a solution to a problem. Contact about working with Rosemary and bring your communications to your patients to the next level!

If you are looking to create or expand your dry eye business, there is no one better than our  very own dry eye consultant, Patti Barkey CEO, COE of Bowden Eye & Associates and co-founder of Dry Eye University-Dry Eye Partners. Dry Eye should be a part of every ophthalmology practice for so many reasons, too many to speak to in this newsletter. However, it seems that some practices are struggling with the execution of a broader dry eye program. There are many options for treating dry eye in your practice and Patti has been able to create  standardized operating procedures to help execute these programs and raise the bar with patient care.  To learn more about your options you can contact Aesthetics 360 or Patti Directly.
Polly Neely, Practical Eye-Care Management 
& Sales Consultant
Aesthetics 360 is proud to introduce Polly Neely, our Practical
Eye-Care Management and Sales Consultant. When it comes to experience in ophthalmology, not many people can hold a candle to Polly's expanded knowledge. While Polly's career began in product development, she has increased her skills to adapt to the constant changes in ophthalmology. Polly has a passion for project management, but she is an expert in sales and staff training both at a private practice and corporate level. Learn more about Polly here.