Dear Church Family,

As many of you already know, Longview EPC has made a financial commitment to Josh and Katya Newsham in order to support their upcoming work as full-time missionaries. They are following God’s call to serve the youth of global workers overseas as Missionary Kid (MK) Caregivers. 

Josh has worked for many years with Jason Hubbard and our youth ministry. Katya began serving in our children’s ministry two years ago. Josh and Katya met while volunteering on a ministry team together at Urbana Student Missions Conference in 2018 and were married in our church in August, 2020.

In order to give them a jump start on their support raising, they are asking for supporters to contribute one time gifts towards their living expenses for the next 5 months so they can focus on completing their support raising efforts. If you would like to give towards their launch, please do so by going to our website ( or making your check payable to Longview EPC with “Support for New Missionaries” in the memo line. Checks can be dropped in the “Tithes and Offerings” boxes in the Sanctuary or mailed it to the church. You may also donate to this fund via the church APP (look for the “Support for New Missionaries Fund” in the drop-down menu). 

Josh and Katya are serving in partnership with EPC World Outreach and Avant Ministries. Avant is an interdenominational, multinational missionary sending organization that has focused on planting and developing churches in the unreached areas of the world since the 1890's. Avant defines unreached as places where less than two percent of the population is evangelical Christian.

They are seeking to reach the more than two billion people who still need to hear the gospel in the fifty countries they serve.

They will be supporting the work of Avant by caring for the youth and families of missionaries. Their labor of love helps workers and their families stay healthy and serve sustainably while manifesting God’s love for His Church. They will be based in Málaga, Spain, allowing them to have strategic access to families across the globe.

We pray that you will consider ways that you or your family could step into their ministry through prayerful and/or financial support. You can do so as described above or through ongoing support of their work via Avant or EPC World Outreach. Click here for their most recent newsletter. They have visited some Life Groups and will be contacting other members of our congregation to share more about their ministry soon. Thank you for considering your partnership in this important work!


Longview EPC Missions & Outreach Committee
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Nancy Hale
Allie Maher
Melissa Tucker
Suzi White
Doug Ashley, Pastor
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