The Bight by Dream Hotel Group Celebrates the Launch of its 66 Suite/89 Key Condo-Hotel Project and the Signing of a 15 Year Branding and Operating Agreement with the Dream Hotel Group

Last night, Grace Bay came to life with an inspired Block Party Event to celebrate the Official Launch of the Bight by Dream Hotel Group and its partnership with NYC based Dream Hotel Group, a renowned boutique hotel operator and lifestyle brand, now serving as Manager and Operator of the 66 suite/89 hotel key project. The event took place between Sandbox and Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty’s office with music by renowned DJ Munro spilling over to the streets and a botanical jungle theme scape that flowed throughout both venues, intertwining the buildings to one another. If the refreshingly simple and stunningly creative ambience is anything to go by, this development is off to a progressive start. 

Ryan Jones and Natalie Zaidan of the EA Group are best known for the hip local coffee spot, Lemon-to-go-café and their successful landscaping company Environmental Arts, but this powerhouse couple, who have called Turks & Caicos their home for close to two decades, are lesser known for the multiple hats they wear, which include construction, real estate development and sales, art production, rum and vodka distilling and their latest food and beverage venue Sandbox, which caters to the on trend phenomenon of health conscious consuming. No mini sliders here…EA Group is always one step ahead of the curve. Everything from the mood, to the canapes was refreshing. Guests dined on air fried vegetable samosas and mini chicken satays to name a few, and quenched their thirst with coconut water housed in Turks & Caicos grown coconuts provided by local business owner, JJ Jennings of Coco Vibes. The signature “cocktail with a Bight” was a spicy margarita with a slight “Bight” as the name suggests.
Between speeches guests posed amongst giant foam letters that playfully encircled the Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s International office, spelling out “The Bight Hotel”. As the night progressed and guests, hoteliers, Government officials, and friends filled the space, Ryan Jones spoke to the crowd and announced his vision for the project and his dream of bringing an authentic, experience-based condo-hotel to the Turks and Caicos.

“So why do you want to build a hotel? Why do you want to be in this business? What is the origin story of this project? Natalie and I live in the Bight…it’s our home, and we love the country. I loved it enough that I made my life here, and have my kids here. We wanted to share the Turks & Caicos experience that people have when they come here for the first time and never leave. We were looking at the market and we thought the 5 star market is really well served by a whole bunch of guys who have done an amazing job, so we said you know, the market that really needs to be addressed is the four star boutique market, with culture, design, art and experiences, and adventure…and we wanted to align what we did with our life…and that’s why we want to build a hotel here…we were looking for the right partner and we found that partner in the Dream Hotel Group.”

Having soft launched in April 2019, the last 10 months have seen 10 reservations. That’s an average of 1 a month, a staggering number for an overseas jurisdiction and a new Developer, and further confirmation that design and lifestyle driven EA Group have their finger on the pulse of the next real estate trend. 

“The Bight by Dream Hotel Group is lean, and it’s designed for short term vacation rental. There’s no fat. What do you say?” Joe Zahm President of Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty asked Developer Ryan Jones, “Everything you need and nothing you don’t need…I look at it with the great end in mind…it is designed for the end user form the beginning - with a real hotel lobby experience and bar, and a real vibe and lifestyle attached to it. And when you factor in the connectivity, elegance and simplicity of the design, at a wonderful price point, this will well serve the market, who really want to be part of the investment class, where your return on investment is just better per square foot. And when you add on just a great amenity set that’s going to be a part of the Bight, and you also add to that just amazingly smashing outlooks with the only elevated property and true beach access…it’s really a combination to die for.”

So what’s next for the EA Group you ask? More sweat and hard work. Starting with digging trenches in the Bight neighborhood to begin burying those old power lines and transforming the area to the beautiful vision Natalie and Ryan started dreaming about over 7 years ago. Look out for more information on the underground power line initiative and the beautification of this local neighborhood.