Trauma Recovery/HAP Newsletter
July/August 2017

Are you ready to get away from the same-old, same-old? Then you're ready for the 2017 EMDRIA Conference being held from August 24th - 27th in Bellevue, WA. Let the countdown begin!
Join us and other EMDR professionals for 4 days of informative programs, exciting events, and interesting conversations.  Connect with the volunteers, donors and friends who support the mission of Trauma Recovery/HAP, as we all learn from their experiences and insights.
We're also hosting a number of activities for our volunteers and donors. Our team is busy, finalizing our plans for a variety of singular events.   
Plan to take part in our Annual Trauma Recovery/HAP Fundraising Dance after The EMDRIA Awards Dinner on Saturday, August 26th. We're working on something different this year, so expect a surprising, fun-filled evening! All proceeds from the fund-raiser will be donated to the Francine Shapiro Fund for our organization's disaster recovery efforts. Tickets are available at our booth and at a discounted rate at the Awards Dinner.
Visit our booth, where you can learn about the latest events in the field, pick up brochures and flyers, purchase products from our store, receive free gifts, and enter our raffle for wonderful prizes. But most of all, come to our booth and meet our dedicated staff.  Access their photos and bios below so that you'll know who we are.   We all welcome the chance to speak with you about your ideas and experiences, so stop in. And let's talk!
It's now August 10, and counting! So watch your email for additional information on our programs and plans.  I look forward to meeting all of you during the conference.

All the best,
Carol R. Martin
Executive Director

Meet Our Staff!
Each EMDRIA Conference we try to have as much of our staff join us as possible.  This year we will have a strong turnout, providing volunteers and donors with the opportunity to connect in-person with individuals they have worked with throughout the year.  We look forward to meeting all those who come visit us at our booth and events.  Click below to learn a little more about the Trauma Recovery/HAP team!

Contribute to Our Annual Raffle!

A.J. Popky
Carol R. Martin 
Carolyn McNally
HeartMath, Inc.
Mentor Books
NeuroTek Technologies

The Trauma Recovery/HAP Annual Raffle features prizes from our organization such as training gift cards and learning products. Our most exciting prizes come from generous donations made by friends of Trauma Recovery/HAP.  All donors are recognized through our website, emails and social media before and after the conference with additional recognition at our booth!  If you have a gift you would like to contribute as a raffle prize click below to make your submission.  Tickets will be sold at our booth during the Conference and prizes will be shipped to those who are unable to pick up their prizes on Sunday, August 27th.

 Faculty Academy  
Volunteer Acknowledgment:
Thank you to all our volunteers for everything you do to help us achieve our mission.
Below is a list of those who generously volunteered their time and expertise in the past two months.
George Abbott, Lou Ann Baylock, Leslie Brown, Andra Bruce, Christeli Brunner, Judy Cabeceiras, Lori Cao, Nezhat Edalatian, Stacy Eggsware, Rachel Erwin, Donna Fleming, Cocoy Garcia, Mel Gardner, Veronika Gold, Andrea Goldberg, Deborah Goodwin, Michelle Gottlieb, Ryan Grant, Leanne Harper, Paula Harry, Pennisue Hignell, Rhonda Kamai-Kekela, Cheryl Kenn, Candise Leininger, Priscilla Marquis, Mary Jo McHaney, Kathleen Miller, April Minjarez-Estenson, Alfredo Munoz, Desiree Murray, David Ogren, Ted Olejnik, Elaine Ortman, Linda Ouellette, John Paradiso, Anastasia Pollock, Betsy Prince, Rachel Rosa, Julie Rosen, Dorinna Ruh, Ardyce Schoonover, Herminia Shea-Martinez, Deborah Silveria, Laraine Tanzer, Timothy Vermillion, James Randy Webb, Rebecca Wilson
Welcome to our new  Facilitators-in-Training...

Marion Brown
Susan Engel
Deborah Goodwin
Marina Hewlett
Mary Jo McHaney
Desiree Murray

Congratulations to our new Facilitators...

Lloyd Cloud
Pennisue Hignell
Laraine Tanzer

Dance the night away with us at the annual Trauma Recovery/HAP Fundraising Dance!

Each year immediately following the EMDRIA Awards Dinner we put on our dancing shoes and let lose after a week of hard work and learning!  Join us on the dance floor for music and entertainment provided by Injoy Entertainment.  We will also have a photo booth hosted by Seattle Party Shots!  Full price tickets will be available at our booth and outside of the EMDRIA Awards Dinner, but purchase your ticket at a discounted rate now during our presale!

In This Issue
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Pet of the Month: 

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France 

This month's Pet of the Month is Oliver, brought to you by our friend Ben Steele.  Oliver is an eleven year old Bengal cat who loves to play with water and has many vocalities -- he even bleats like a lamb when petted! 
Send us a picture and brief description to have your pet featured in an upcoming newsletter. 
Featured Product:                      
A handy carry bag containing a toolkit for working with children and teens. 
Contents include: a set of laminated tools (two Feelings Cards, a Thermometer to mark intensity of feelings, SUDs and VOC scales); a Dissociation Chart; kids/teens cognition flash cards; animal resource cards; finger puppets; hiding/invisible glasses and a red marker.

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