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Holiday 2017

Happy New Year!  Our goal for 2018 is to extend our capabilities and to find new ways to deliver our services to others in response to the unprecedented disasters of 2017.  In the year ahead, we will be expanding our programs to provide trainings to communities affected by the recent disasters. We will also continue building on our specialty and new online training programs to reach clinicians who would not otherwise have these trainings easily accessible to them.
Trauma Recovery/HAP volunteers play an integral role in our disaster recovery efforts.  
Our Faculty Volunteers work tirelessly throughout the year to deliver training to community and nonprofit agencies.  Trauma Recovery/HAP trainings are often organized months to sometimes over a year before the training date.  When disaster strikes, our training team has to work double time to plan training in a much shorter period.  This would not be possible without Faculty volunteers who continue to give of themselves without complaint. Their dedication and energy allowed us to provide these trainings while our Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) volunteers assist in expediting the planning process and establishing training efforts locally. 
The growth of our Trauma Recovery Network has made possible our goal of being able to provide pro bono services to individuals in need.  Their commitment to aiding those suffering through community outreach or disaster recovery efforts has brought the hope of healing to so many.  In collaboration with both our Faculty and TRN volunteers, we have numerous efforts already planned for this year.  A special thank you goes out to our many dedicated and caring volunteers who make a difference throughout the world.  Click here for more info about our upcoming efforts.

All the best,
Carol R. Martin
Executive Director

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Agency Feature: Walking "Walter's Walk"
by Dr. Jean Moretto, PhD, LPC
The financial crisis affected us all. By 2009, many people lost their jobs and their insurance coverage. At a North Country office, where I was working with two other counselors, we were experiencing an increasing number of cancellations. Clearly, people needed to use their limited funds for food and shelter.  They could no longer afford counseling so we decided to do something about it...

International Outreach
Training Efforts Continue in Nepal
Trauma Recovery/HAP is continuing to reach across borders and continents to train health professionals in EMDR therapy. This October, a training team returned to Nepal, to build upon long-term recovery efforts after the 2015 earthquake and follow up on last year's successful Part-1 training. This year's 4-day program offered Part-2 training and a schedule for the consultations required for certification...

 Faculty Academy 
Volunteer Acknowledgment:
Thank you to all our volunteers for everything you do to help us achieve our mission.
Below is a list of those who generously volunteered their time and expertise in the past two months.
George Abbott, Nicolette Banbury, Kate Becker, Christine Bergman, William Brislin, Leslie Brown, Marion Brown, Judy Cabeceiras, Lloyd Cloud, Judith Daniel, Stephanie Drieze, Stacy Eggsware, David Eliscu, Rachel Erwin, Donna Fleming, Shelly Foster, Michael Galvin, Denise Gelinas, Deborah Goodwin, Ryan Grant, Richard Greete, Leanne Harper, Pennisue Hignell, Kyle Hood, Cheryl Kenn, Carol Kibbee, Paula Krentzel, Beverlee Laidlaw-Chasse, Candise Leininger, Jennifer Lendl, Debra Littrell, Barbara Lutz, Tabatha Maiorano, Priscilla Marquis, Maria Masciandaro, Mary Jo McHaney, Julie Miller, Peggy Moore, Desiree Murray, Katy Murray, David Ogren, Ted Olejnik, Linda Ouellette, John Paradiso, Lynn Persson, Sandra Poupeney, Merrill Powers, Betsy Prince, Dorinna Ruh, Cherilyn Rowland Petrie, Lisa Salvi, Jan Schaad, Kathleen Scott, David Sherwood, Deborah Silveria, Karl Speirs, Rosalie Thomas, James Randy Webb, Rebecca Wilson, Carol Zancanella

Welcome to our new  Facilitators-in-Training...

Nicolette Banbury
Jonna Fries
Laura Henson
Cheryl Rogers
Charlene Spears

Congratulations to our new Facilitators...

Kate Becker
Christine Bergman
Stacy Eggsware
Shelly Foster
Deborah Goodwin
Candise Leininger
Desiree Murray
Lisa Salvi
James Randy Webb

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This tablet sized chart with side tabs, like the ones on a video game, is a kid friendly tool to help assess for dissociation. The reverse side has useful information on Dissociative Disorders, including symptoms and tips on what to do.

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