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Fall 2017

After the 2017 EMDRIA Conference, we returned home with renewed energy and inspiration.  We are pleased that so many of you participated in our events and visited us at our booth.  As we traveled home, Hurricane Harvey made its way towards Texas.  It ushered in a series of extraordinary events that rocked our nation and called upon unprecedented disaster response. The need for recovery programs has never been as great. The support of Trauma Recovery/HAP interventions has never been as necessary.
Please note that while we do provide as much assistance as we can in the immediate wake of a tragedy, we are not a disaster response organization.  It has been proven time and time again, that long term efforts provided once the community has healed its more physically pressing needs are more effective and helpful to the affected population.  As you read this, efforts are ongoing and/or being coordinated in response to Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, the Vegas Shooting, and the California Wildfires
We mourn with you the losses in New York City and Sunday in Sutherland Springs, TX.  Over time, we hope that we can provide some support and assistance to those communities as well. To do so, we need the help of our volunteers and your support.  Please click here  to see how you can make a difference in a time of such tragedy.
Trauma recovery is a process that takes the tenacity and commitment, compassion, intelligence and insight that you bring to each challenge. Thanks to all of our volunteers and donors throughout the country for all you do every day to help those who affected by emotional or physical trauma.   

All the best,
Carol R. Martin
Executive Director

Trauma Recovery Update
Working with our dedicated and caring volunteers, we are responding to the natural and manmade disasters of the past months .  These catastrophic events , that have affected so many , calls upon us to respond as EMDR therapy professionals and as compassionate citizens. As we act to affirm our mission, we are coordinating with local community and health organizations to provide trauma recovery assistance and programs for their devastated populations.  Our broad goal is to help "jump start" local resources and build capacity for effective trauma treatment services that can be sustained and integrated into the community over time ...
International Outreach
Training Efforts in Ukraine with Judy Cabeceiras
Judy Cabeceiras, LMFT, and Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs trainer was providing a Trauma Recovery/HAP EMDR Part One training, when one of the participants, Dr. Olya Zaporozhets, asked if she would be willing to provide the Basic Training in Ukraine. Judy welcomed the opportunity. After working with representatives of the Ukraine Project and Carol Martin, Executive Director of Trauma Recovery/HAP, Judy found herself training in Ukraine to a group of enthusiastic participants...

New Online Training for First Responders to Children!
Presented by Fran S. Waters
Dissociation in Children 
Open to ALL First Responders to Children

This training will focus on first responders to children and adolescents with complex trauma and dissociation that present in a variety of settings i.e. child protective services agencies, schools, speech pathology and occupational therapy clinics, residential/hospital, and biological/foster/adoptive caregivers, to accurately recognize dissociation and intervene with effective stabilization techniques.  
Click the below buttons for registration:
November 30, 2017

Healing the Fractured Child
Mental Health Clinicians ONLY

This training will focus on comprehensive assessment and treatment of youth with complex trauma and dissociation, the neurobiology of trauma and dissociation & Polyvagal Theory, signs and symptoms of youth with dissociation to accurately discern from other more common diagnoses, and specialized intervention techniques that promote stabilization, trauma processing and integration.
   Click the below buttons for registration: 

December 1, 2017


 Faculty Academy 
Volunteer Acknowledgment:
Thank you to all our volunteers for everything you do to help us achieve our mission.
Below is a list of those who generously volunteered their time and expertise in the past two months.
George Abbott, Nicolette Banbury, Kate Becker, Christine Bergman, William Brislin, Leslie Brown, Marion Brown, Judy Cabeceiras, Lloyd Cloud, Judith Daniel, Stephanie Drieze, Stacy Eggsware, David Eliscu, Rachel Erwin, Donna Fleming, Shelly Foster, Michael Galvin, Denise Gelinas, Deborah Goodwin, Ryan Grant, Richard Greete, Leanne Harper, Pennisue Hignell, Kyle Hood, Cheryl Kenn, Carol Kibbee, Paula Krentzel, Beverlee Laidlaw-Chasse, Candise Leininger, Jennifer Lendl, Debra Littrell, Barbara Lutz, Tabatha Maiorano, Priscilla Marquis, Maria Masciandaro, Mary Jo McHaney, Julie Miller, Peggy Moore, Desiree Murray, Katy Murray, David Ogren, Ted Olejnik, Linda Ouellette, John Paradiso, Lynn Persson, Sandra Poupeney, Merrill Powers, Betsy Prince, Dorinna Ruh, Cherilyn Rowland Petrie, Lisa Salvi, Jan Schaad, Kathleen Scott, David Sherwood, Deborah Silveria, Karl Speirs, Rosalie Thomas, James Randy Webb, Rebecca Wilson, Carol Zancanella

Welcome to our new  Facilitators-in-Training...

Nicolette Banbury
Jonna Fries
Laura Henson
Cheryl Rogers
Charlene Spears

Congratulations to our new Facilitators...

Kate Becker
Christine Bergman
Stacy Eggsware
Shelly Foster
Deborah Goodwin
Candise Leininger
Desiree Murray
Lisa Salvi
James Randy Webb

In This Issue
Upcoming Trainings...
Carol Forgash 
2017 Snyker Award Winner!
At the annual EMDRIA Awards Dinner, Carol Forgash received the Liz Snyker Award for her 20 years of volunteer service to Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs.  As a past board member and president, Carol was instrumental in developing our mission, providing therapy training to clinicians working in nonprofit agencies, and building the Trauma Recovery Network.  Carol continues to advise and support our organization.   The generous donations made by Carol and her husband, Hank Glaser, and her tireless efforts inspire us all.        

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Featured Product:
Dissociation Chart  

This tablet sized chart with side tabs, like the ones on a video game, is a kid friendly tool to help assess for dissociation. The reverse side has useful information on Dissociative Disorders, including symptoms and tips on what to do.

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