Our Next Governor
After shaking hands in nearly all of Connecticut's 169 towns, thousands of cups of coffee, and hundreds of pizzas,  it is with exhaustion and excitement that we congratulate our friend and client, Ned Lamont, on winning Tuesday's election.
Since announcing his candidacy in January, Ned made his case to Connecticut's voters that he represented the change the state wants and needs. We congratulate the Governor-Elect, his wife Annie, and their daughter Emily who worked on the campaign. Let's not forget the staff and volunteers who gave so much time and energy to pull off this victory.

Our managing partner, Steve Jewett, served as the campaign's senior advisor and chief strategist. He worked hand in hand with campaign manager Marc Bradley and together they built out the campaign staff. They executed a winning strategy to clear a large candidate field in the Democratic primary, and then pivoted the campaign toward an inclusive, pro-business, pro-growth message.

Many people helped to make this win happen including our former staff member, Rob Blanchard, who joined the campaign to oversee press operations.
Two consulting groups were integral to this win. One was pollster Anna Greenberg of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. A New Haven native, Anna was phenomenal at keeping the message disciplined and shifting us through the different phases of the campaign. Also, Putnam Media Partners, with legendary political guru Jim Duffy and creative whiz kid Cayce McCabe, came up with the multitude of TV commercials.
This was our favorite ad: TV Commercial "64"
This was our favorite that never made it to TV:   TV Commercial "I Believe" 

We look forward to continuing to support Governor-Elect Lamont and seeing the positive change he will bring Connecticut.


Governor-Elect Ned Lamont announces his transition team