November 10, 2021
Dear Friend,

Today is a new day. New York City has elected a new Mayor and Comptroller--among other newly elected offices--and a younger, more diverse class of Council Members who hold a wider array of perspectives than in years past. It is crucial that these new leaders learn about UNH and the settlement house network to understand how we operate, and advocate, as a collective. To build these key relationships, our staff are setting up meetings with soon-to-be elected officials and settlement house leaders, coordinating on-site tours of settlement house programs, and sharing our advocacy priorities for the upcoming budget season.

At the same time, we continue to support settlement houses as they navigate the many twists and complications of our current reality. It is because of your continued engagement that we have the resources to connect and support our members and raise our voices in Albany and New York City.

Thank you for standing with us,
Susan Stamler
Executive Director
UNH's Institute for Empowered Aging wins 2021 Eisner Prize for intergenerational work
This Eisner Prize comes with a $250,000 award and recognizes UNH's Institute for its work empowering older people and positioning them as community builders and change agents for the greater good.
Founded and directed by Terry Kaelber, the Institute for Empowered Aging develops innovative practices, advocacy campaigns, research, and tools that promote neighborhood initiatives centered on and powered by older people. With the understanding that, today, there are more than 46 million people age 65 and older living in the U.S—a number that is expected to grow to almost 90 million by 2050—UNH's Institute works to co-create environments where older community members can identify and address local issues they care about in partnership with community members of all ages. The result is a society in which older people flourish, organizations maximize their human capital, and neighborhoods thrive.

“The Institute for Empowered Aging at United Neighborhood Houses has shown how older adults can make a significant difference in the lives of young people and their entire community through intergenerational programs. We are thrilled to have them join our impressive list of Eisner Prize laureates.” Michael Eisner, founder of The Eisner Foundation

The Eisner Foundation will celebrate the award and the expansion during a virtual event on December 8 featuring Michael and Jane Eisner, an in-depth interview with Terry about the Institute's intergenerational work, and an overview of the foundation’s New York City grant-making process. The event is free and open to all who register. Click here to register for the event.
UNH’s Emergency Cash Assistance Funds helped settlement houses meet the needs of their neighbors.
Thanks to the generosity of Gerstner Philanthropies and other supporters, UNH provided more than $1 million to settlement houses for their emergency cash assistance programs.

Settlement houses used these funds to distribute emergency cash to neighbors they have identified as high-need or in crisis. The cash grants help individuals and families make their rent, pay necessary utilities, purchases furniture, and ensure the overall well-being and stability of their families. The impact stories below highlight the importance of these grants.
Aldonza, age 26, is a single mother of two teenage boys who, pre-pandemic, earned enough money as a housekeeper to sustain her family. However, when COVID-19 caused her industry to shut down, she wasn't able to make rent. When she returned to work, she was once again able to make her monthly payments; though, she couldn't catch up with her rental arrears. Thanks to her local settlement house's emergency cash assistance program, she was able to pay off what she owed, avoiding housing court and, possibly, eviction.
Genya and her family were living on the 5th floor of an apartment building when an eight-alarm fire one floor above caused their roof to collapse. The Red Cross placed them in an emergency hotel room; however, Genya knew an apartment was best for her children. Her local settlement house's cash assistance program helped Genya find a new apartment and cover the cost of a security deposit.
These stories belong to just two of the nearly 450 families who received emergency cash assistance this year through their local settlement house. UNH would like to thank Gerstner Philanthropies and other generous funders who made it possible for us to distribute $1 million in funds to support these critical programs across New York City.
November 8: Our #settlementhouse network is now 45 members strong! We are proud to welcome SWAN Inc. at Montgomery Neighborhood Center, one of Rochester’s original settlement houses to the #UNHNY network. Like this news.
November 4: Today we joined our #OurCityOurVote partners on City Council Speaker Corey Johnson's doorstep to demand municipal voting rights for nearly 1M immigrant New Yorkers with legal permanent residents status or work authorization. The time is now to schedule a floor vote for #Intro1867 Like this news.
October 25: Did you miss our Benefit & Celebration honoring three UNH Board members with a collective 90 years of service to UNH? Click here to watch the full program. We pack awards, performances, speeches, and a very special tribute for staff who've worked in our network for 25+ years into just 30 minutes. Enjoy!
We're hiring! UNH is currently looking for a Senior Research Analyst to develop and conduct research and analysis on topics relevant to strengthening neighborhoods and neighborhood-based human services to understand neighborhood trends and enrich the work of settlement houses and UNH. Click here for the full job posting.
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