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Our November 2021 Newsletter
Our Fall Opening
Our Fall Opening, which took place last weekend, was an overwhelming success, with more than half of the listed pieces selling. Bowing to the reality of doing business in these times, and to reward the internet shoppers who have seen us through the pandemic, the first day of our show was virtual only. According to Constant Contact, 64% of our subscribers visited us online during the weekend.

On Sunday we opened our doors at 10:00 for in-person shopping. As the day went on, we had a few visitors, some who came to look at our new quarters, and several who came to shop. We enjoyed conversations with everyone who took the time to visit, and a few pieces left during the day. Thanks to all who visited, whether in person or online; your support is deeply appreciated.
This month's newsletter
In this newsletter we're re-listing pieces from our opening that are still available and incorporating them into our familiar galleries so that, if you've missed them during the weekend or simply would like to have another look at something, it's easy to revisit them.

Because we've spent most of our post-England time preparing for last weekend, this month's newsletter will be a short one, but you'll still find Pippin in his usual spot as well as a small treat for the eyes and ears on The Back Page. We hope you'll have a look at all of it.
Next month -- Holiday Shopping Issue
Our December newsletter will be sent on November 30. We've begun preparing a group of gift suggestions, including smalls, jewelry, and paintings that might be appropriate for the coming gifting season. We'll also list a few very special pieces of jewelry. To make it easy for nearby friends to shop for the season, we'll be open on three Sundays in December, the 5th, 12th, and 19th. Perhaps we'll see you or hear from you.
This month's new listings 
While half of the pieces that we put up in our Fall Opening sold, half did not and are still available. We've listed most of them in this newsletter. To browse the selection, just click the picture.
Pippin's Page
Click the picture for a recent photo.
The Back Page
Part of our Fall Opening was a four-minute video featuring the new pieces that were the reason for the show. The link to it was tucked away at the bottom of the show page so as not to distract shoppers. In case you didn't see it, you might enjoy the virtual visit to our showrooms. Just click the picture.
Upcoming Dates
November 30
December Newsletter
November 30 - December 19
December Gifting Sale
December 31
Happy New Year!
And thank you for a great year.

Be well, stay safe, and be kind.

John & Jan