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Hi friends
The days are shorter and the nights are longer - it's perfect for snuggly bedtimes with your little ones and their PJ books.
It's almost time to think about Chanukah - your book selections are Chanukah themed and we are busy planning a very special Chanukah Dance Party on Sunday December 15th.
PJ Our Way families please remember to log on to your accounts (between November 1st and 10th) and choose your November books.
Remember to let me know if you have moved or know of any new families (and babies) who should join our growing PJ Family.

Kathie Wainer PJ/PJOW Manager
403-537-8592 | kwainer@jewishcalgary.org
Sunday December 1st
 Bowl A Fun
Chinook Bowladrome

Make a team and have some bowling fun. A program for all ages to benefit our community by fundraising for UJA.
We cover all fees and rentals. You find sponsors.
Email Jessica or Kathie for more information or visit jewishcalgary.org 
Sunday December 15th
Chanukah Party
2:00 - 4:00pm | JCC

Save the date for our annual Chanukah Dance Party!
Bring your dancing shoes and come prepared for Chanukah fun for the whole family.
Are your ears ready? A new episode of PJ Library's podcast, Have I Got a Story For You! is now available! Join the crew of Moon Station One as they save the world, dig moon rocks, and... make fruit salad for robots? New episodes will launch every Tuesday. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and visit gotastorypodcast.com for activity and discussion ideas.

Modeling gratitude and practicing hakarat hatov helps children (and us grown-ups) remember to be thankful for things in our life beyond material possessions. These eight activities will help the entire family go beyond just saying “thank you” to living hakarat hatov , or recognizing the good.

Rugelach, twisted up pastries, are an awesome treat that most kids can help make. Here are five variations --including a semi-homemade shortcut to enjoy with your family.

Do you have new neighbors? Or a new classmate? Make a special card to welcome them.
Visit the time of the Maccabees by spinning one magic dreidel or save the day from the Demon King by following another. Read a girl’s funny emails to her best friend in Kansas or find out what happens when a middle schooler’s online popularity skyrockets. Whether you’re after adventure, fantasy, friendship, or even a pet hamster, you’re sure to find a great read in one of this month’s PJ Our Way selections. Choose your book by November 10th!

With Rosh Hashanah behind us, it’s time to think about goals and dreams for the coming year. For us, that means thinking about books that kids will love. Here are some upcoming titles that have the PJ Our Way Book Selection Committee very excited.
Calgary Jewish Federation's UJA, The Harold Grinspoon Foundation, 
Shoshanna and Zeev Berger, Esther Bernstein, B'nai Brith Lodge 739,
 Cathy and Marty Cole, Jackie Halpern and Glenn Solomon, 
Ila and Barry Hardin,  Marilyn Libin, Beth and Lorne Price, 
 Andria and Greg Rodin, Lenny and Faigel Shapiro,
Evelyn Sheftel-Shapiro, Ida and Sam Switzer,
Amy Wainer and Eric Dantzig,
Kathie and Stephen Wainer, Fanny Wedro