SCK was founded in 2001 by Roxana Reid with the goal of guiding families and students to self-actualize through accessing just-right educational fit. We are a proud Black-owned business.

"The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves."

–Joseph Campbell
As we head into the winter, this piece from the MIT Media lab on cultivating creativity during the COVID crisis resonates more profoundly than ever. We like the emphasis on projects, passions, peers and above all -- play.
Cultivating Creativity during the Coronavirus Crisis -...

The coronavirus crisis highlights the growing need for creativity in today's society. We need the creativity of public-health professionals to develop strategies for limiting the spread of the virus. We need the creativity of doctors and...

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Smart City Kids News!
We are so excited to welcome the newest member of the Smart City Kids team!

Christina Sapega will serve as the Smart City Tutors Manager and will provide valuable services to parents in need of tutoring and other learning support services. Christina is a graduate of Poly Prep Country Day School and holds a Master's Degree from Pratt Institute. She gained extensive experience managing events and programing as a staff member at some of New York City's most prestigious museums.

Tutoring has become such an important tool of support for students during the pandemic and Smart City Tutors is at the ready to assist parents of students in all grades.

Reach out to her at for more information!

From the pandemic to the election and back again.
2020 has been an emotional year. What tools have you tapped into to talk to your kids about difficult things?

When children experience strong emotions, it is an opportunity to connect with them. Parents can help by offering language to label their feelings and needs so they are better able to communicate them in the future.

This article provides valuable information about how emotional and social intelligence grows and develops through relationships and through the experiences that a child has with his or her parents.

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How To Build Your Child's Emotional Intelligence

An interesting thing happen last Saturday. I was sitting in my office, contemplating what to topic to tackle for this weeks show, when I noticed my daughter's head poking through a crack in the door: "What are you doing, Mommy?" "I am working, my ...

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