Things we can do to adapt to the current situation.
March 19, 2020
Dear CST Friend,
We all are dealing with a new normal. The Coronavirus has put us all at risk of contracting the virus. We all need to engage with others as if we all had the virus for these few weeks while we all try to stop the spread. As touch therapists, we may actually be exposing ourselves or others to contagion. The Chinese have two symbols for Crisis -- one symbol is for Danger and another symbol is for Opportunity.

The Opportunity We Have
To make the most of this unplanned "opportunity" here is what we plan to do:
  • We recently posted "Don's Circle No. 59: Antisepsis for Touch Therapy." It's useful information for everyone, not just therapists. Start there for ways to keep you and your clients, friends and family safe and clean. Link below.
  • We will suspend our clinic hours for at least two weeks, after which time we will reassess.
  • We will offer self-help care online via videos and articles starting today and going forward. Our practice and teaching group has historically been about self-help and independent healing. We will have videos demonstrating breathing exercises, posture awareness and simple whole-body exercises to make folks able to help themselves, family and friends.
Click below to read Don's Circle No. 59 "Antisepsis in Touch Therapy"
New Self-Care Videos
Yesterday I published two new videos to my YouTube channel and to the CST Alliance website. Scroll down to see them here. Folks are welcome to pass along these techniques and exercises to your clients. Feel free to copy, email or share these on your Facebook pages: "Things We Can Do" and "Breath Venting." We will be putting up other videos in the coming weeks on "Chi Kung of the Dural Tube," "Spacious Circle," "Stimulating Your Lymphatics" and posture awareness and simple exercises for the neck and back. We will also be posting topics from our Ethics class, "CATS" Compassionate Action in Times of Stress. Look for them on our Facebook and YouTube pages as well as on our website.
"Things We Can Do" Video:
"Breath Venting Demonstration" Video:
Update on CST Alliance Classes
For now, all March and April classes are postponed. We will reassess by mid-April as to moving forward with replacement dates and/or further postponements. We will continue our schedule as our state medical authority and state and local government allow. We will be adding sanitary methods and precautions as we determine the need for our clinic and all classes going forward into our collective new normal. Current status of classes can be seen at our website on the Calendar page.
Where Do We Go From Here?
CST is needed in our world now more than ever to help each of us deal with stress, anxiety and fear; keep us safe in a time of communal contagion; and help us bolster the immune system and healing to bring about health, happiness and a new way of living. This virus is certainly providing everyone on the planet the opportunity to evaluate what is really important and how we all need to change as we move on from here.
Positive Intention, Kindness and Hope
So stay home, stay strong, stay smart, stay kind and share information with your clients and friends to help keep us all safe. Together we will get through this with positive intention, kindness and hope. Spend these days doing good things for people in your world and let us spread THAT intention around the world. Let us usher in a new and happier day. We need to remember that there will always be good in the world.

Keep the faith!
-- Don
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