The ShurSEAL/SITEFLO Program

We are your case sealing partner - with a vested interest in your case sealing success.  We offer a solutions-oriented program that is based on an agreement for tape purchase.  You buy our tape and we provide the technology.  This program is designed to address your issues with packaging line downtime and insecure seals - balancing your retrofit needs with your tape consumption.  Tape applicators, service, PM's, parts & warranty for as long as the program is in effect.

What is the ShurSEAL Solution?

Insecure seals can cause problems along the supply chain, leading to production issues, downtime and higher costs related to reworks, in addition to increasing the risk of theft, product damage and contamination caused by cartons popping open.  Even using a knife to open a carton can lead to product damage and injury due to knife cuts.

However, selecting the right combination of packaging tape and applica tion method can address sealing issues, delivering a quality,  secure seal, while also maximizing efficiencies on packaging lines to keep them running longer and faster.  The ShurSEAL Solution is a case sealing system that combines Shurtape HP Series packaging tape with a PrimeLoc tape applicator to deliver consistent and secure seals, carton after carton.

And, while replacing packaging equipment can be costly and slow, The ShurSEAL Solution retrofits into a variety of automated machines, including most major brands of case sealers. So, you get the secure seals you demand, without expensive capital expenditures or time-consuming changeovers .
Our Performance Challenge to You

Let one of our Automation Specialists spend a day with you on the plant floor to deploy SiteFlo, a revolutionary mobile-based solution to identify and track tape-related performance metrics in real-time. We will document the current state and compare it to the ShurSEAL Solution during a single shift: 4 hours your current way and 4 hours the ShurSEAL way. There is no cost to you and no risk as the ShurSEAL Solution is designed to fit into your existing case sealing equipment with no modifications required. We will provide you with complete visibility throughout the shift b y granting access to our "real-time" dashboard. Our SiteFlo Single Shift Continuous Improvement (SSCI) audits are a fantastic way to monetize performance-based metrics. At the end of the day, you will have powerful data to make an informed decision and improve your process.  

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