October 2018
A Letter from Her Majesty the Queen Mother of Bhutan
It is with pleasure that we present to you  Our Place in the World: Bhutan Foundation Annual Report 2018 . Bhutan has much to contribute to the world and its residents. From our carbon-negative footprint, to our biodiversity and constitutionally mandated forest cover of 60 percent, to our unique cultural traditions, our free education for all children, and of course, our development philosophy of Gross National Happiness, our place in the world is truly special.

The Bhutanese government is devoted to the well-being of our people, but there are limitations in available services. Thankfully, Bhutan has a continuously developing cadre of civil society (nonprofit) organizations to provide needed services and programs that fill gaps in areas that are not the government's priority. In our view, a robust civil society is essential for a thriving democracy. Nonprofit organizations like the Bhutan Foundation and our partner organizations here in Bhutan promote active citizen participation, as you will see in this year's annual report. However, when Bhutanese resources are not available, the Bhutan Foundation is able to bring international experts to build Bhutanese capacity in the needed area. In this way, Bhutan benefits from global experience.
The Bhutan Foundation would not be able to facilitate these global and local partnerships without our generous donors, exceptional staff and leadership, the expertise of our advisory council, and the vision of our board of directors. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Mr. Michael Philipp, our new Co-Chair of the Bhutan Foundation. Michael comes to us with over 30 years of financial leadership for organizations serving Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, in addition to the United States. He is Chairman and Managing Partner of Ambata, a merchant bank with an interest in businesses serving global issues of energy, food, waste, and water. He is also Chairman of Reykjavik Geothermal and a member of the World Wildlife Fund's national council. We offer him a warm welcome.

We invite you now to read about the many ways you are helping build Bhutanese capacity to meet challenges and solve problems. Please accept our most sincere thanks for your support through the Bhutan Foundation.
Gyalyum Tseyring Pem Wangchuck
Her Majesty the Queen Mother of Bhutan

Bhutan Foundation
Our Place in the World: Annual Report 2018
This year's Annual Report is ready for viewing! Please take a moment to look through our accomplishments from 2018. 
Made in Bhutan: entrepreneur stories is a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Loden Entrepreneurship Programme (LEP). LEP has trained about 3,180 young people and contributed to the creation of over 700 jobs through funding 153 entrepreneurial ventures. The projects are spread across 18 of the 20 districts of Bhutan. Beyond financing, Loden provides mentoring and networking to help young entrepreneurs who are facing unforeseen challenges.
Made in Bhutan is scheduled to be completed by October 2018. Hurry and reserve your copy now! For any inquiries, contact Mr. Phuntsho Namgay at .
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