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April 2020
Dear SML Community,

Like you right now, I am looking for ways to connect to nature and community in meaningful ways as we shelter at home. One practice I have is to watch the SML Appledore live webcam . The island is just a click away.

As science has proven, the ocean has a tangible calming power - reminding us that below the turbulent waves lies a stable foundation that is (and has always been) there for us. Wanting to understand and care for the ocean is easily born out of these moments. Because ocean science and education is at the heart of SML, many of us are longing to get back to Appledore Island – to feel the salt air on our skin, sun in our face, and for those of us who love it, inhale the funky smell of a seabird colony… (ahhhhhh. Anyone with me here? Anyone?)

So here we all are, in a public health crisis, uncertain about what will happen next and when/if we will get to the island this summer. We have charted out a Plan B that we hope will unfold in July . This plan would enable us to offer most of our amazing courses and unique public programs and to support critical science (especially the incredibly valuable long-term research projects). We will only carry out this plan if public health scientists, our home institutions, and government agencies deem it safe to do so. Our guiding principle is and will always be the health of our community. We will keep you updated and will work with leadership at UNH and Cornell to decide about running Plan B by June 1. 

In the meantime, let’s all be kind to ourselves and take care of our families, friends, community, and world. Stay strong and stay well. I’ll update you again soon.
With deep appreciation and warm wishes,
Jennifer Seavey, Ph.D.
Kingsbury Executive Director
Shoals Marine Laboratory
P.S. Enjoy this 7-second video from Appledore Island last fall. Sound up to hear the calming ocean water.
SML 2019 Impact Report
Shoals Marine Laboratory's 2019 Impact Report   demonstrates the impact of SML's donors and partners. Through your generosity and involvement, SML provides world-class, experiential marine science education for undergraduate students, and supports innovative research programs focused on understanding and sustaining the marine environment. Click below to read the stories.
Volunteer Spotlight: Bob Meadows
Many of you have had the distinct pleasure of meeting or knowing Bob Meadows! He is an active member of the Shoals Marine Lab community since the beginning. Bob first came to SML with the phycology class that Jack Kingsbury taught at Cornell in 1969. Bob was recruited with a crew of other people by Jack in 1970 to restore the buildings and facilities on the island that had been uninhabited since WWII . Bob literally helped to set the foundation of what would become the SML that we know today. Since then, Bob has established himself as a well-respected and accomplished restoration ecologist with a focus on marsh conservation. Now, Bob enjoys reconnecting with fellow Shoalers and helping with the annual Volunteer Weekend on Appledore. Thank you Bob for your devotion and enthusiasm! Bob is pictured here (left) with Jack Kingsbury (SML Executive Director 1966-1979) on the right.
New Paper: Larval Arctic Shanny ( Stichaeus punctatus )
off of the Isles of Shoals
UNH student and SML alum Jessica Ohrenberger returned to SML during the summer of 2018 under the mentorship of UNH professor Jessica Bolker to investigate the occurrence of larval Arctic Shanny off the coast of Appledore.  Their research paper was recently published in the journal Copeia . Great work Jessica! To read the paper, click below.
Register for Public Programs this Summer
As winter turns to spring and the days stretch longer and warmer, we are excited to be planning a wonderful lineup of programs for guests to visit Appledore Island this summer!

We encourage you to register for these programs, and rest assured that in the event we must cancel any program due to public health concerns, all affected registrants will receive a full refund.
Save the Date for the 603 Challenge: May 29-June 3
Help support SML by participating in the 603 Challenge, the University of New Hampshire's annual fundraising event! Through your donations, SML provides immersive undergraduate educational and research opportunities. Mark your calendar for May 29- June 3, 2020 to participate in the 603 Challenge.
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