February 2023
A Letter from Herb
Our Pledge for 2023
When considering how best to serve our customers as we began 2023, we stopped to reflect on why The Herb Chambers Companies was established in the first place. Our business model has always been based on providing our clients with an exceptional experience. This “way of life” continues to be the bedrock of what we do every day. In 1985, after acquiring my first dealership, it was important that we set out to run that dealership differently. I truly wanted to offer people something better than what the industry had to offer. Almost 40 years later, our approach is the same.
At our core, it’s simple and I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you may have heard it before, “We Don’t sell cars - We Help People buy them.” That’s it! This is the mindset we have with every client we meet. This is a fundamental philosophy that has and will continue to serve you well. We know there will always be challenges, but one constant remains. The Herb Chambers Companies wants to be your total automotive resource. There’s only one thing that can set us apart from the rest, it’s the experience you will have with us.
We realize being “sold” something can have a negative feeling to it. You’re often left wondering, “Did I make the right decision?” or “Was I taken advantage of?” We don’t want you feeling that way. You should feel confident in your decision and we want you to feel like your needs were attended to. Our salespeople are trained to help you purchase a vehicle that suits you. They are “regular people” who are here to guide clients through an unfamiliar process. Your search may be for the newest and most luxurious vehicle available with all the state-of-the-art features that go with it, or your intent may be to buy a pre-owned, hybrid or family friendly vehicle. No matter what you’re looking for, our sales team is here for you.
This year, take the concern out of buying your next vehicle. Make it easy and remember at Herb Chambers, We Don’t Sell Cars. We Help People Buy Them!
All the best for 2023!
2023 Honda Accord
By KBB.com
The tech-rich 2023 Honda Accord midsize sedan enters a new generation, taking the bold initiative of moving hybrid power away from the sidelines to put it front and center. Pricing starts at $27,295.

Following on from a track record of being the class leader, the 2023 Accord takes the unprecedented step of making its hybrid variants the most desirable.

Where car companies have tended to offer V6 engines or more powerful turbocharged 4-cylinder units in the higher trims of their midsize sedans, Honda has decided to source that extra muscle from electric motors. So, the top four 2023 Accord variants have a hybrid drivetrain.

There was a hybrid version of the previous generation, but Honda has made this the banner drivetrain. The company reckons that hybrids will account for about half of all new Accord sales.

The Accord has been a true success story for Honda. Kelley Blue Book has given it plenty of awards, like last year’s Best Buy among midsize sedans, as well as 2021, 2020, 2019, and so on. There’s also the 2022 Best 5-year Cost to Own and Best Resale Value awards for the class. The new Accord sedan looks on course to continue these winning ways.

Meet 5 PTSD Service Dogs
Changing the Lives of Veterans
Did you know that roughly 3.5 million military veterans suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

PTSD can severely affect a veteran's life, but there is hope for those who are impacted. Research shows that veterans with properly trained service dogs show lower symptoms of PTSD, reduced depression and increased social participation compared to those who utilize more traditional clinical care for PTSD alone. However, only 1% of those in need who seek a service dog receive one each year. Purina® Dog Chow® is on a mission to ensure more veterans in need can experience the life-changing benefits that PTSD service dogs provide.

This year, to highlight and celebrate the remarkable impact these dogs have on the daily lives of veterans, Dog Chow launched its first-ever Visible Impact Award in partnership with the Association of Service Dog Providers for Military Veterans.

Meet the five service dog finalists who are making life better for their veterans.
2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS
By KBB.com
The Mercedes-EQ EQS Sedan is an electric luxury car with futuristic technology and stunning driving dynamics. Pricing starts at $104,400.

The world of electric luxury sedans is growing, and one of the newest additions in this lucrative segment is the Mercedes-EQ EQS Sedan. “EQ” is the electric subbrand of Mercedes-Benz, and the EQS Sedan is the biggest, fanciest, and sportiest sedan in the EQ line. It takes many of the virtues of the iconic S-Class — a supremely luxurious interior, the latest tech features, and an exciting drive — and packages them in a sleek EV. The EQS Sedan competes primarily with the BMW i7 and Porsche Taycan.

As the Mercedes-EQ line grows, there are a couple of other options worth noting. There’s an all-new Mercedes-EQ EQS SUV which, as its name implies, is essentially an SUV version of the EQS Sedan. There’s also the smaller, more affordable EQE Sedan that delivers many of the virtues of the EQS at a more attainable price point.