Equity Webinar Series
Our popular webinar series focusing on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion returns September 12th!
Lean into Disruption: Advancing Racial Equity Requires Challenging the Status Quo of White Culture
September 12, 12p ET
Engaging a foundation that has made the decision to advance racial equity can be fraught with challenges from the start, since it immediately disrupts the typical relationships, practices, and expectations between client and consultant. It begins with negotiating the scope of work – the client wants concrete deliverables and a predictable timeline. But racial equity is adaptive change – it will require changes to core beliefs, priorities, and habits, even ones that have contributed to past success – and deliverables are not always concrete nor timelines predictable.     LEARN MORE & REGISTER TODAY
Evaluation of Health Equity Work Means What?
October 10, 12p ET
Health equity is all about ensuring that certain subpopulations have equal and fair access to the opportunities and resources that enable them to have healthy outcomes — it is about justice. Evaluation of health equity work requires a focus on equity and justice from design to implementation. It also requires the evaluator to go beyond data collection and analysis and be an educator, a facilitator, an empathetic listener, a critical friend, and an advocate. LEARN MORE & REGISTER TODAY
OpenForGood Means Being Open For All
November 7, 1p ET
#OpenForGood, a new open knowledge movement being spearheaded by the Foundation Center, is designed to encourage foundations to openly share their knowledge to accelerate the good they want to see in the world. Embracing open knowledge has many benefits including: reducing duplication of effort, helping others avoid failed approaches, scaling ideas that work, creating an equitable playing field so that critical knowledge is not only available to foundation insiders, and facilitating the lifting up of community-based expertise in ways that influence philanthropic strategy. A core principle of the #OpenForGood movement is that what you know shouldn’t just be about who you know. LEARN MORE & REGISTER TODAY
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