The Coalition News: 
Issue 2
October 2016
Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback we've received following our first issue of the Coalition News. We're so excited about using this monthly newsletter to better connect Charlestown residents to the work we and our partners are doing in the community. For questions and suggestions, feel free to reach out to Coalition Director,  Sarah Coughlin

Feature Story: 
Art in Charlestown
On the evening of Wednesday September 28th, the Charlestown Coalition celebrated the Creative Workshop Exhibition's closing ceremony with our partners at the Stove Factory. Over the  past few months, youth members of Turn it Around, as well
as others in the community, have gathered at the Stove Factory Galleries to create works of art that reflect their personal and collective experiences of pain, loss, trauma and joy. 

Each of the 12 multi-layer paintings were created by groups over a number of weeks. The original canvases will remain at the Spaulding Rehab Hospital Gallery and will be made available for purchase through a silent bid over the next two weeks.  Ten dollar prints of the masterpieces are available for sale from now until November 15. To order, download the form below, and email it to Olivia Larkin

All proceeds will benefit the Turn it  Around Youth Group and the Stove Factory . To learn more about the people behind the artwork, click on the link below, we were featured on the Channel 5 News!


Voices of Recovery:
Meet Lorraine

Recently Hired as New Health Charlestown Recovery Coach!

Straight Outta Charlestown:
 Turn it Around Youth of the Month!
"It has been a wonderful experience watching Edwina grow and come out of her shell through her involvement in Turn It Around. She has a quiet but strong presence in the group. Her persistence and resilient nature will continue to serve her well and we look forward to supporting her along the way!"  --Sarah Coughlin, Director

Every month we will feature a Turn it Around
member who has shown a huge commitment to the group and both planning and running community events. For the month 
of October, we will be honoring long-term member,  Edwina White. Let's hear from Edwina herself!

My name is Edwina White, and I've been a part of Turn it Around since 2014. Turn It Around is a group of youth who help get the dangers of substance use out to the community by doing relatable events and being a part of the community. I joined this campaign because I want to be able to help people even if it's in the littlest way. 

Being a part of an organization like this makes me feel proud. I'm actually doing something in my life that is positive, and I am young!  I want Turn It Around to be bigger and more popular.  Many  people know about McDonalds, and that's how I want people to know about Turn It Around. I want people to be like "Oh yeah, that's Turn It Around." Many times when I wear my Turn It Around shirt, many people will ask "What's that?" I usually tell them, but I just hope more people learn and know about us. I started Turn it Around when I was 14 and have been a part of it for two years! In these two years I have learned a lot and have stepped out of my comfort zone. I can use the knowledge from Turn it Around to inform young people in my generation. I hope this will be a cycle where I tell them, they tell others, and that eventually spreads awareness.

October's Important Dates
It's National Substance Use Disorder Prevention Month! Check out what's going on within the Charlestown Coalition!

GRASP Monthly Meeting (6-7 pm)

Drug Court Celebration (2 pm)

CHAD Parent's Talk, Featuring Cindy Pierce (7-9 pm)



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