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An Inspiring Thought for the Week
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
-Helen Keller-
The Power of Our Primerus Community
B y: Frank Szilagyi

Since the coronavirus caused us to quarantine and shelter at home, Jack Buchanan has offered our Primerus Community a series of weekly inspirational video messages. 
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The Primerus Optimistic Index
Primerus is at a cautious 6, primarily due to leadership issues. The future is hard to predict right now. The stock market is jittery. Where is the virus going? The trend is not looking good. Have we lost control of this thing?
How Optimistic Are You?
Share with us your feelings.
Feeling Small to Get Recharged
B y: Nick Kacher

People get tired. People get worn out. People feel drained. People get stuck. People need a break. People need to recharge. This is nothing to feel shame about. This is nothing to hide. This does not speak to a lack of strength or fortitude.  
How To Utilize Primerus Publishing Opportunities
B y: Katie Bundyra

It almost goes without saying that since the Coronavirus pandemic, legal marketing has changed drastically, undeniably, and irrevocably. There are no longer in person meetings, meaning that traditional in-person networking opportunities are sparse if not non-existent. Marketing, therefore, has become a game for the creative and innovative attorney. 
Good People Doing Good Things
B y: Chad Sluss

Each week our team reviews our members websites and social media posts to find updates that fall into the category of “Good People Doing Good Things.” Below you will find an example of Primerus member, Winheller Attorneys at Law & Tax Advisors, giving back to their local community.
Tuesday, June 23rd - Succession Planning

In this timely webinar, Bob Zupkus, one of the founders of Zupkus & Angell, P.C., and Muliha Khan, now the second-generation owner of the firm, will share the firm’s story of succession, addressing the importance of early succession planning; the execution of the succession plan, including the transition of clients; and the continued need for mentoring throughout the process. Based on their personal experience, the presenters’ goal is to provide pragmatic advice to any attorney thinking of retiring or, conversely, any attorney aiming to become the next-generation owner.
Thursday, June 25th - Into the Wind: Crisis & Litigation Communications During a Pandemic, Civil Unrest & Economic Uncertainty

2020 is as if 1918, 1929 and 1968 had all happened at once. The country is polarized; the pandemic changed forever how we look at work and what – and who — are essential; economic uncertainty is pervasive. The tragic death of George Floyd and the demonstrations and massive social movement immediately thereafter has instantly and fundamentally changed corporate identity and brand goals. Corporate neutrality is dead. Even prior to 2020, social media had already swallowed so many brands and reputations in a sea of anger and distrust that communicators already had to rethink strategy.
July 9: Coverage Considerations in a SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 World: National Commentaries on Select Coverage Issues

It’s been hard to miss the wave of COVID-19 Pandemic coverage articles over the last couple of months. Typically authored by attorneys from individual law firms, these articles often times spot potential coverage issues depending on the type of coverage and policy language. But given that the articles are typically written by a single law firm, many of the articles are not the product of a collaborative effort involving attorneys from multiple jurisdictions who can provide unique and sometimes differing perspectives on these national issues.
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"Phibbs & Khans"
Morning Coffee with Friends

Join us next Monday for Coffee and Conversation. In order to keep the conversation manageable, we must limit it to 15 attendees so that everyone can participate. We will do this on a first come basis. If you cannot do it this week, then please put your name in for a future Monday of “Coffee and Conversation.

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